Saturn Transits to Pluto

When Saturn transits natal Pluto the need for security and achievement influences how you use your inner power to evolve on a deep unconscious level. Saturn represents the structures and limitations of your life, and what you need to do in order to be true to yourself and build the life you want.

When Saturn transits natal Pluto it encourages you to learn more about your unconscious motivations and how you seek control and power. When you don’t have a healthy relationship to your own power it tends to come out in negative ways as manipulative behaviour and power games. Saturn helps you to become aware of the games you play with yourself and with others, and reveals how you undermine yourself or act out because of fear.

These transits force you to face up to the many ways you manipulate others and seek to control life. Saturn will force you to take responsibility for your motives by showing you what no longer works. It may feel as if the world is against you during the hard angles – conjunction, square, and opposition – but now is the time to learn how to let go and surrender to the flow of life. You don’t have to control everything that happens.

Buried memories may resurface, and you may re-experience old fears and hang-ups that you thought were long dead. You’re confronted by the past so you can let it go and move forward in your life. Use these transits to explore what’s really important to you. Turn inwards to discover how your soul wants you to live, where to put your energies, and who you should strive to become.

When Saturn transits Pluto you may become aware of your existential aloneness, the dark abyss within that nothing and no one can fill. This inner void can drive you into a compulsive obsession with something you can’t have, and this could lead to an ego death and a dark night of the soul. You may feel a loss of hope as you confront your mortality and the parts of yourself that seem impervious to change.

But rather than giving into despair, this is an opportunity to explore the dark side of your psyche and to find the courage you need to face your shadow. It’s a chance to become whole by reclaiming what has become lost in the darkness, and this will help you to develop self-mastery rather than using your power to manipulate others to get what you want.

With the harmonious aspects – sextile and trine – you may still feel obsessive and driven to achieve something, but your goals are more likely to be attainable and realistic. Saturn provides a structure for your passions, and you can work hard on projects that mean something to you personally and/or on bringing about change in society to benefit others. You can also transform yourself and break old habits or make long-needed changes to the structures in your life.

This also applies to the challenging aspects, but you’re likely to encounter more resistance to change from within and perhaps from others too. But if you’re willing to be honest with yourself and take responsibility for your life, you can heal many old wounds and develop a sense of empowerment. By confronting and integrating your shadow you’ll be able to transmute your inner darkness into power that can be channelled into productive work and necessary change. Saturn helps you to build strength and resilience in the face of the inevitable, and to accept the things you can’t change.

Possibilities with Saturn transiting Pluto:
  • Working hard to achieve long-standing goals
  • Increased productivity
  • Breaking compulsive habits
  • Passion for developing your life’s work
  • Working for social justice and change
Watch out for:
  • Irrevocable endings
  • Financial restrictions or problems
  • Violence or destructive behaviour
  • Depression

These transits can feel very intense, but it won’t last forever; the longest will take about a year, so try to see it as an opportunity. Your confrontation with the shadow doesn’t have to be all grim darkness and scary monsters. It’s true that you often find fear in the shadow, and these transits can feel like you’ve entered your own personal version of hell. But it can also be a positive encounter.

Pluto is creative, but is usually experienced as destructive first because the old has to die before the new can be born. If you can accept and re-integrate the lost parts of your shadow, you may experience the positive side of the underworld, a place of riches and inner peace. This is an opportunity to heal and transform your weaknesses into strengths. As you grow in wisdom and maturity, you may discover new or hidden talents that transmute death into a rebirth.


  • Planets in Transit – Robert Hand
  • Transits – Betty Lundsted
  • Saturn in Transit – Erin Sullivan
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