Saturn Transits to Neptune

When Saturn transits natal Neptune the need for security and achievement influences your ideals and desire to merge with the oneness of life. Saturn represents the structures and limitations of your life, and what you need to do in order to be true to yourself and build the life you want.

When Saturn transits natal Neptune it crystallises your dreams and fantasies and forces you to take a long hard look at the reality of your life and what you’re trying to achieve. This is an opportunity to find out what your soul needs you to become but the process might not be easy or comfortable.

Saturn encourages you to examine your goals and expectations to see how realistic they are and whether they will make you truly happy and fulfilled. You may discover that you’re chasing the wrong dreams, or perhaps going after the right dream but in the wrong way. It may also be that your dreams are fine, but that the world has changed so you’ll need to adapt your goals accordingly.

The hard angles of Saturn to Neptune – conjunction, square, and opposition – may bring disappointment and confusion. You may find it hard to achieve your goals or feel unsure about what you’re doing, and full of self-doubt and frustration. Or you might finally get what you’ve always wanted but discover it’s not what you thought it would be, or that it doesn’t make you happy.

These transits can be hard to deal with because the two planets represent opposing forces: Neptune represents dreams and illusion, while Saturn stands for the structures of reality. Neptune is mystical and nebulous, but Saturn is solid and time-bound. It’s not a case of one being better than the other; they’re both essential to life. But too much of either is destructive.

Too much Saturn is crippling because it stifles growth and change, while too much Neptune is destructive because it dissolves all structures and makes life impossible. The ideal is to find a balance between the two and learn to distinguish between positive, life-enhancing illusions, and those that will destroy you. So any unrealistic dreams or fantasies that you have will be destroyed by Saturn when it transits Neptune.

The hard angles between these planets can bring feelings of loss and loneliness to the surface. You become more aware of the suffering of humanity through contact with the collective consciousness and the longings of your own soul. This happens because Neptune represents the urge to merge with Oneness and the desire to return to the bliss of Eden. But Saturn represents incarnation and it acts as a reminder of the separation that’s necessary in order for you to be an individual in the world.

So when Saturn transits Neptune it can feel like you’re being thrown out of Eden all over again. You might deal with this by trying to escape the harshness of reality through alcohol or drugs, and even spiritual practices can become illusory traps at this time. At worst, these transits can make you so confused that nothing is what it appears to be and you may suffer a loss of hope.

The harmonious transits – sextile and trine – provide an opportunity to reconcile with being separate and to ground your spirituality in a way that enhances your life and helps you to become more mature. You may also find it easier to give form to your imagination and dreams through creative work. And your altered perception of reality can help you to feel more at home in the world rather than feeling alienated.

Possibilities with Saturn transiting Neptune:
  • Studying spirituality or metaphysics
  • Working on creative projects
  • Developing a spiritual practice
  • Working for charities and good causes
  • Awakening that follows disillusionment
Watch out for:
  • Confusion, self-doubt and uncertainty
  • Depression
  • Pessimism and negative thinking
  • Low energy and ill health

The hard angles between Saturn and Neptune don’t have to be experienced as crushing disillusionment or disappointment. With effort and hard work, you have the opportunity to see through reality and build a stronger faith in life by working with things as they are, rather than living in a dream world. You can discover what your illusions are and let them go. When you finally wake up to the truth of a situation it can be a relief to finally understand what’s going on.

Saturn helps you to discern between the illusions of fantasy and the reality of your dreams. Your soul and imagination demand to be taken seriously at this time, and if you’re willing to do the work, Saturn will give form to your dreams – but only if they’re based in something real.


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  • Transits – Betty Lundsted
  • Saturn in Transit – Erin Sullivan
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12 thoughts on “Saturn Transits to Neptune

  1. I know someone who is very, let’s say strong minded and wilful who married 3 years ago with transit Saturn exact on natal Neptune. Maybe Saturn can tame you, like it or not!

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  2. What “dreams” can one possibly have, now that “Corona virus” has literally immobilised our lives . The future looks bleak indeed. Great timing for this nasty transit in my chart 😦

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  3. Saturn is transiting my natal Neptune, while Pluto is sitting right on my Moon, Neptune is transiting my Sun and Uranus just moved into my rising sign and hovering over my North Node – these days have been full of depression, major confusion, feelings of wasted potential, loss, grief, regrets, disillusionment and a sense that all is lost and time wasted. Astrology, thank goodness, puts everything in perspective, but it is intense as I also just went through my Saturn Return! Can’t wait for all this purging and shedding to be done!

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    1. Me too!!! Just finished Saturn Return a month ago, then experienced Mars opposite Sun this week, and now experiencing Saturn conjunct natal Neptune. 2018 was the purgatory for me, especially with the loss of my mother!! … I can’t wait for this year to end!!! Too much!!!

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  4. Hi, thanks for this article. If someone has saturn conjunct neptune does it lessen the intensity once saturn passes over neptune or does it still remain intense?


    1. With all transits there’s a kind of fade in and fade out effect – like ripples in water when you throw a stone in. The transit will tend to be most intense when it’s exact, but then it’ll fade as Saturn moves away. Many astrologers use a 5 degree orb for transits so it depends how fast Saturn is moving – it could take a few months for it to fade out. But Saturn can also have a delayed effect because it slows things down, so you might still feel it for a while. It really depends on what issues the transit is bringing up and how attuned you are to Neptune and how willing you are to work with the energies and not resist them.


      1. Thank you. So i take it as if saturn is moving along faster and out of retrograde periods then it’s more likely to feel a difference sooner depending. Thank you.



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