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A Guide to Stealing Fire during Mars Retrograde

Mars represents initiative, assertion, ambition and goals, how you go after what you want and how you use your energy. When the planet goes retrograde all these areas come under scrutiny so this period can be quite disruptive. (More on Mars here.) No matter how well organised you are, Mars retrograde can put an unexpected… Continue reading A Guide to Stealing Fire during Mars Retrograde


Jupiter Transits to Mars

When Jupiter transits natal Mars the desire for growth and expansion influences your energy levels and how you assert yourself. Jupiter represents the urge for new experiences and the aspiration to improve your life and open to future possibilities. When Jupiter transits Mars it enhances your physical vitality which gives you more energy to pursue… Continue reading Jupiter Transits to Mars


Astrological Keywords for the Planets: Mars

Mars represents how you assert yourself and express your desires. The essential keywords for Mars are: Will, Energy, and Drive. Desires represented by Mars: the urge to assert the self, and the sex drive Needs represented by Mars: the need to fulfil desires Mars in the Signs: Rules / Dignity: Aries, Scorpio Exultation: Capricorn Detriment:… Continue reading Astrological Keywords for the Planets: Mars