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The Venus Mars Conjunction – February to March 2022

This month we have an unusually long conjunction between Venus and Mars that lasts into early April and covers two signs. It started in Capricorn when Venus stationed direct at the end of January, and will enter Aquarius in March. Venus and Mars will form two exact conjunctions, one in February and one in March, but they’re holding hands for two months and remain conjunct as they move forward.

Venus and Mars getting friendly…

The first Venus Mars conjunction happens at 16° Capricorn on 16th February just before the Full Moon in Leo. With Mars exulted in Capricorn and trine Uranus, you should be able to make practical, creative, or even radical changes to this part of your life, depending on the house position of the transit. It’s a great time for doing creative work or reorganising your finances and relationships.

Meanwhile, Venus is still fresh from her visit to the underworld and processing whatever she discovered during her retrograde. And she’s due to meet up with Pluto again in early March. There’s a triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and Pluto at 27° Capricorn on 3rd March which coincides with the Pluto return in the US chart. See this post by Maurice Fernandez for more.

The second exact conjunction happens at 0° Aquarius on 6th March, with Mars entering Aquarius first and pulling Venus along behind him a few minutes later. Once in Aquarius, Venus and Mars will square Uranus in Taurus, and end the month with a conjunction to Saturn. With the shift into Aquarius the energy becomes more idealistic and abstract with an emphasis on friendship and a meeting of minds.

The Venus Mars conjunction ends on 5th April when Venus slips away from her lover and enters her exultation in Pisces – to much rejoicing! Mars joins her in Pisces in mid-April causing no end of problems in getting stuff done. Then in early May, Venus enters Aries and the two are in mutual reception, with Venus in Aries and Mars in Pisces, so neither are happy. Happiness returns by the end of May when they finally enter their own signs, with Venus in Taurus and Mars in Aries – again to much rejoicing!

It should be an interesting couple of months.

How this plays out for you depends on how you relate to Venus and Mars in your own chart. At best, it’s great for creativity and for balancing the feminine and masculine sides of yourself. Venus is the feminine, yin, passive side of attraction, and represents what you value. Mars is the masculine, yang, active side of repulsion or separation, and represents how you assert yourself to get what you want or value.

In The Inner Planets, Liz Greene says the combination of Venus and Mars in the horoscope increases the “drive toward pleasure and self-gratification.” These people know how to get what they want and will charm your socks off to do it. She goes on:

“if you think about the fact that with any Venus Mars aspect, one’s personal values combine with one’s aggressive instincts, you will realise that this delightful charm masks the proverbial iron fist in the velvet glove.”

It’s a potent combination but it can manifest in contradictory ways, charming one minute and fighting the next. This is more likely to happen if you side too much with one planet than the other which triggers a backlash from the repressed planet. It’s not just Mars overruling Venus, but:

“Venus can emasculate Mars, just like in the famous painting, and then Mars sits and seethes in the basement.”

I’m not sure which painting she means – there’s quite a few, and many of them show Mars sleeping or relaxed without his sword and definitely in no mood to fight. Here’s the Botticelli showing Mars completely zonked surrounded by satyrs playing with his helmet and lance, while Venus looks on…

In mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of love, fertility and beauty, and she’s notorious for causing problems via love and/or war. In fact, Aphrodite/Venus is as much of a troublemaker as Ares/Mars, and few can resist her charms – Ares is no exception.

In one tale, Aphrodite is married off to Hephaestus, the lame god, because he won her in a bargain with Zeus. Hephaestus made a gold throne for Hera, his mother, who became trapped when she sat in it, and he agreed to free her in exchange for Aphrodite. The goddess wasn’t pleased with this arrangement and cheated on her husband whenever she could. Hephaestus may have been partly to blame for this because he made the magic girdle that made Aphrodite more irresistible to men.

In the Odyssey, Homer tells the tale of how Hephaestus got his revenge. The epic poem is about the adventures of Odysseus on his journey home after the Trojan War, which was triggered in part by Aphrodite. In Book 8, the bard Demodocus sings about the adultery of Ares and Aphrodite during the war. The story goes that Helios, the sun god, saw Aphrodite and Ares together and told Hephaestus, who was upset – although he shouldn’t have been surprised.

He slunk off to his anvil and made a magical net that would entrap the lovers the next time they met – which is what happened. Hephaestus then gathered the other gods to watch and they all had a good laugh, while Hephaestus moaned and felt sorry for himself:

“…how Aphrodite, daughter of Zeus, scorns me for that I am lame and loves destructive Ares because he is comely and strong of limb, whereas I was born misshapen. Yet for this is none other to blame but my two parents – would they had never begotten me!”

Some of the gods were sympathetic to Ares (all the ones who had been with Aphrodite too), and Poseidon paid for his release. Aphrodite was humiliated and ran off to Cyprus to recover with the Graces.

In the Iliad, Homer tells a different story and Aphrodite is consort to Ares but isn’t married, while Hephaestus is married to someone else. Hesiod also said Aphrodite was unmarried – which frankly matches her nature better.

Either way, Aphrodite and Ares had several children, including Phobos (fear and panic) and Deimos (terror), showing the dark potential for Venus Mars combinations. But also Harmonia (obvious!) and Eros, the winged god associated with love and sex – showing the creative potential for these energies when used wisely.

So make the most of the coming months and check for magical nets before getting up to mischief…!

Image: Botticelli

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28 thoughts on “The Venus Mars Conjunction – February to March 2022

  1. Thank you for this delicious read, Jesssica!
    I have a sort-of-funny Venus-Conjunct-Mars story. On 18 December 2022, Venus and Mars were tightly conjuct at 18 degrees, and tightly conjunct my Capricorn Moon: The three planets were just a few minutes one from another all day. Now, my Moon is the apex of my Yod (base Saturn and Jupiter). I was sure something amazing is about to happen. Do you know what did happen two day later? I’ll tell you: nix, zilch, nada … Kind of disappointing! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I did mean ‘February’, Jessica. Sorry.
        BTW: I referred this matter to Jamie, Astrology King. I got a starltling reply from one of his commentators that I am now takng very seriously. At first I thought it was a joke. If you are interested, I shall send you the pertinent URL. .

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I had a look, and yes, Venus Mars conjunctions happen every year so they’re not unusual. However, this one is longer than normal because they stay close for a couple of months. He doesn’t mention that in his post, probably because it’s an old one.

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    1. cap moon? me to. m/v will be conjunct pluto next week, quite close to my cap mars. with pluto square mc.
      who knows. meanwhile i am in the middle of my yearly bd crises, sun hits chiron, goes into 8 then sun, then op pluto.
      i rarely seem to get the good /nice effects of anything [ jupiter/venus] or only in so far that it mitigates the almost constant crises that i am in.
      then again, i tend to catastrophise and expect the bad but never believe in the good.
      my moon is also trine pluto, con sat. in 5. what a party my life is, not.


      1. Dear sablemouse,
        ‘i rarely seem to get the good /nice effects of anything [ jupiter/venus]’. I can relate to this. For instance, Jupiter conjunct my natal early-degree Venus in Pisces did not bring the goodies I had been looking forward to. But a Pollyanna friend pointed out that I am alive and heathy, and should be grateful. I thanked her much for that. 🙂 I hope yours is a passing rough patch. A sablemouse deserves a good time. Good luck in the interim.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. 🙂
          thank you. my day did get better yesterday.
          i mostly have rough patches with a bit of good in between.
          i very often don’t want to be alive though healthy might be fun :)))


  2. somewhat off topic but is it just me or do they use very narrow degrees on for transits that is. my natal chart is different, there’s aspects indicated that are very far away.


  3. Hi, I enjoyed the article until the point where you referred to Venus as Aphrodite! That ruins the whole piece. Aphrodite is the Moon, you ought to know that much? Sorry to be so critical. But it’s the truth. I stopped reading at that point. Why go on..?


    1. Sorry to be critical Joe, but you’re wrong. First click on Google:

      “in Roscher’s Lexikon der Mythologie is based upon the theory that all these were originally moon-goddesses, on which assumption all their functions are explained. This view, however, has not met with general acceptance, on the ground that, in Semitic mythology, the moon is always a male divinity; and that the full moon and crescent, found as attributes of Astarte, are due to a misinterpretation of the sun’s disk and cow’s horns of Isis, the result of the dependence of Syrian religious art upon Egypt. On the other hand, there is some evidence in ancient authorities (Herodian v. 6, io; Lucian, De Dea Syria, 4) that Astarte and the moon were considered identical.”

      And we’re talking here about Aphrodite, not Astarte. Archetypally speaking, Aphrodite is emphatically a love goddess, not a moon goddess. She relates back to ancient vegetation and fertility goddesses – and yes, sometimes fertility is associated with the moon. But the moon is also associated with motherhood and that’s not how Aphrodite is presented (despite having had a few children).

      However, there is a deity called Aphroditus – a male Aphrodite who was associated with the moon. Wiki here:

      Before you criticise other people’s work – do some research.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have written well researched pieces about this, and do not rely on other writers (ancient or modern) to tell me the truth. There’s a statue in the Mer in New York entitled: Aphrodite-Isis- are you saying that Isis was Venus too?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s an interesting article – thanks – particularly the thunderbolts stuff. (anyone who’s interested, click on his name)

          It’s tricky making parallels between different cultural mythologies because they never match exactly. Ancient Egyptian and Greek mythology especially don’t match well – they were very different cultures, despite the Greeks taking over Egypt later, which led to a lot of syncretism – like Aphrodite-Isis, as you point out. Isis may have been associated with the moon at times, but it wasn’t her main role. Thoth was the moon god. In Greece it was Artemis.

          Astrologically speaking, Venus is associated with love and in mythological terms so is Aphrodite. You can argue with the ancient mythological associations as much as you like and speculate about the creation of the moon but it doesn’t change how astrology works. Western astrology is mainly based in the mythological associations that came out of Ancient Greece. There are other correlations with the mythologies of other cultures but they don’t match exactly – it’s a patchwork.

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  4. i’ve looked but .. have you anything on pluto square mc, my next 2 years of fun, i am terrified. not so much re pluto as re mc. got lots of pluto/8th house.
    from what i’ve read, and i know, it’s not always spectacular but i am great at catastrophising 🙂
    it could be quite something.
    i am thinking of the negatives of course. to humble :))) to expect the positives, then again, i had a vision in the 80s [ during some meditaion thingie ] that i’d do something of significance when i am old.
    i am old now, 62 on 22.
    can’t say i’ve ever seen myself as resistance fighter. despite some rebelliousness inside of me. mixed with quite a fear of authority!
    so i’ve got sat just in 7 op ur transit, and quin natal, ur sq asc already for a while. neptune slowly moving away from merc .

    and now venus con sat, back in 6, with mars following.

    and i’ve one of those sad , sad, was it all an illusion [ relationship] days.
    anyways, wanted to tell someone who knows a thing or 2.

    and would be pleased about more on pluto/mc.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry, nothing on Pluto transits (yet!). I had Pluto cross my MC in my late 20s and it was just a couple of years of changing jobs and slowly improving my earnings, and I moved in with my then boyfriend, which was a big deal at the time. Nothing to be scared of! I’ve certainly had worse Pluto transits.

      In general, it means the transformation of your career, vocation and status, as well as your roots, home and family life, so there could be some big changes to come. It’s a square so it might feel tense and challenging but if you can cooperate with necessary changes you should be able to empower yourself with improved situations at home and out in the world. Good luck!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. well, soon after this first hit, mars was square my mc. the man i love and i had an argument, tensions had been building [ i finally got that astro rs horoscope to better understand what patterns we have, it really helps me to cry ] and the next day he slammed the door in my face, to get away from ”my” bullshit and has refused to talk to me since.
        this sort of thing has happened before. we do have moon op uranus composite. and sun op pluto.
        i’d felt we moved up a level when we got back together after thinking we’d never see each other again. but then it was only saturn/dc.
        now with this pluto and also sat op uranus i wonder if that will ever happen again. plus the census asking re bedrooms, many are suspicious where that will lead.
        challenge and transformation, it sounds great on paper. iv’e had 5 straight years of those. this is not increasing my will to live.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Nice, Jessica, and the graphics, too! ;^). I also commented on USA’s Pluto return, and I cast its natal chart. I plan to cast the return chart(s), too! What an epic happening (Venus/Mars/Pluto)!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi. I have sun 27 deg 59 cancer, cap rising – after the last two years of transits (and ‘theatre’ in the world) , where i have had to come to love myself, stand up for myself and now know who i am and who i am not ( it’s been v.good) – i am just laughing at this latest transit on 3/3 i hadnt spotted coming … i mean, seriously, what next ? ! Should i tool up like De Niro in Taxi Driver / get the punch bag out the cupboard again/ declare myself an independent Sovereign Nation ? 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. i have them conjunct but in different signs. i can’t say i experience the benefits much, or other things are blocking.
    also in my sixth house. i’ve recently realised how comfy v in 6 transit feels to me.
    bd 22, hope this improves it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Tarie – sorry, but I can’t edit the email addresses of followers at my end – I can only delete them. The best thing for you to do is follow the blog again using your new email address and then confirm your subscription when you get the email from WordPress. Then I’ll delete your old email address. Hope that’s ok.



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