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Buddhist Writing Prompt: Always Train with the Slogans

Always train with the slogans encourages you to apply the practice of mind training to everything in your life. The slogans can be used with almost anything, it’s not just about meditation. It was this slogan that gave me the idea for the book this series is based on.

The original lojong slogan is: In all activities, train with slogans. There are no activities in your life that aren’t coloured by what’s going on in your mind, so the more work you do to transform your mind, the more your life will change. Even if you only apply the slogans to training your mind, the effect will ripple out into the rest of your life. Another way of looking at this is that there is no excuse for not meditating because you can do it anywhere and in all situations.

When you work with the slogans over time they tend to spontaneously appear in your mind as guidance whenever you need them. Once you’ve learnt them and internalised them, your deeper Self will always know the best slogan for the occasion. They’re a good way to shift your attention away from indulging in your problems or getting hung up on where you’re stuck or unhappy, and towards a more open state of mind.

Apply this slogan to your writing practice by using it to remind you that you don’t have to struggle with the emotional difficulties that hold you back. You can find a way to work with your mind to transform it and set it free. You don’t need to be at the mercy of your negative thinking or self-doubt. You can use the slogans to short-circuit your thought process and change your mind.

Don’t let your weaker self – your ego and its fears – spoil your enjoyment of life and prevent you from realising your dreams. If you want to write but find yourself stuck or going round in circles because of fears you can’t control, this slogan says: You can change your mind. It’s just going to take some work.

Your writing prompt this weekend: Pick a slogan using this randomiser: Lojong for Writers. Meditate on it and write about what you learn from the experience.

More in the book: Free Your Pen: Mind Training for Writers

2 thoughts on “Buddhist Writing Prompt: Always Train with the Slogans

  1. It’s often pretty funny what slogans arise from the depths in perfectly ripe timing. Sometimes a bit from a song, from scripture, from wisdom such as the Roshi insight you shared in today’s post (8/14). Another welcomed reflection, Jessica.

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