Mystic Warrior Practice – Overview

Last time we looked at some of the inspiration behind the plan to renew my commitment to spiritual practice. I’ve been examining each area of my life to see what needs to change and exploring practices that might help. In this post, we’ll delve into the details of the plan and how it works… Earlier… Continue reading Mystic Warrior Practice – Overview

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Mystic Warrior Practice – Introduction

The Mystic Warrior Practice is a comprehensive plan to transform every area of my life. If you read my last rambling post, you’ll know I reacted badly to a shadow eruption that almost derailed my spiritual practice. Thankfully, I was able see through the ruse and I’m now in the process of sorting myself out… Continue reading Mystic Warrior Practice – Introduction

Dharma Diary

Getting Serious about Spiritual Practice

Well, the year is almost over and the Saturn Pluto conjunction is only just warming up. I hope it’s not giving you too much of a hard time, dear reader, and that you’re doing the necessary work – especially because next year, things could get serious. We’re all going to have to bring our best… Continue reading Getting Serious about Spiritual Practice

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Pan’s Labyrinth and the Power of Imagination

A perfect example of the Pluto archetype can be found in Guillermo del Toro’s gothic horror masterpiece Pan’s Labyrinth. It’s a melancholic, imaginative tale with an ambiguous ending – like all good fairytales before they were sanitised for children. The film references loads of other fantasy films and fairytales, including Little Red Riding Hood, Alice… Continue reading Pan’s Labyrinth and the Power of Imagination

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Planet Myths: The Story Behind Pluto

Pluto represents how you relate to the cycles of life and death and the process of transformation. It’s associated with the primordial instincts and the elemental forces of nature and power. Whether you’re ready or not, Pluto confronts you with the necessity for regeneration and the evolution of your soul. Pluto is a dwarf planet… Continue reading Planet Myths: The Story Behind Pluto

Dharma Diary

A Fateful Encounter and an Unscheduled Pause…

It’s been quiet around here for the last couple of weeks and I’ve fallen behind in my writing schedule. But I have the perfect excuse: I’ve broken my left wrist and thrown everything out of whack. No more touch-typing for me – at least for a while – and pecking out words one letter at… Continue reading A Fateful Encounter and an Unscheduled Pause…