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Off Grid Astrology is now available in paperback!

The Off-Grid Astrology course is now available in paperback from Amazon. This is good news for anyone who would like to do the course but don’t fancy logging into Payhip and working through it there. Here’s the inevitable blurb: Off-Grid Astrology is a self-study course for unpredictable times. Learn how to do astrological calculations by… Continue reading Off Grid Astrology is now available in paperback!

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Cosmos and Psyche: Book Review

In this groundbreaking book, Richard Tarnas demonstrates the consistent correspondence between planetary alignments and the archetypal patterns found running through human history, both collectively and individually. Subtitled Intimations of a New World View, it offers a worldview and cosmology to heal the disastrous split in the Western psyche and is based on thirty years meticulous… Continue reading Cosmos and Psyche: Book Review