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Off Grid Astrology is now available in paperback!

The Off-Grid Astrology course is now available in paperback from Amazon. This is good news for anyone who would like to do the course but don’t fancy logging into Payhip and working through it there. Here’s the inevitable blurb:

Off-Grid Astrology is a self-study course for unpredictable times. Learn how to do astrological calculations by hand, without relying on software and online apps, and you can keep doing astrology no matter what the future brings. No electricity? No online charts? No problem! Learn the skills you will need when the lights go out…

Off-Grid Astrology covers how to calculate charts with step-by-step instructions and lots of examples and quizzes to test your knowledge. The course includes the astronomy of the birth chart, how to calculate house cusps with four test charts for you to do on your own, an overview of house systems, how to calculate lots and midpoints, as well as solar returns, progressions, solar arc directions, and chart relocation.

This is a paperback version of the online course. It includes the same material, except for the course downloads which have been reproduced in the appendix.

The book is obviously cheaper than the online course, which is good for those on a tight budget. But there are certain compromises: the images are in black and white and if you want to use the chart calculation sheets, you’ll need to recreate them for yourself from the templates in the appendix.

The quizzes also work better in the online version. It’s easier to cheat with the book because the answers to the quizzes and the test charts are printed at the back.

Overall, the online course is better than the book, and that’s why it costs more. The images are larger and in colour, and you have access to me at the other end of an email for help with questions.

On the other hand, the book is a physical object that won’t get vaporised when the power grid gets knocked out by the sun, or whatever. So it’s up to you. Choose the option that best suits your purposes and budget.

The Off-Grid Astrology paperback is available from the following Amazon stores:

If you live elsewhere, you may be able to order it from one of these and get it delivered.

As of today (20th July), some of the European stores (Germany, France, Spain, and Italy) are saying the book is unavailable. But keep checking because it can take several days for it to show the book is in stock.

Explore the online course here

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