Saturn Transits: 7th House

When Saturn transits the Seventh House the need for security and achievement influences your one-to-one relationships. The descendant (cusp of the 7th house) is the point of awareness of others and when Saturn enters this house all the self-discovery of the previous six houses will be tested in the social arena.

When Saturn enters the 7th house you must reconcile and balance your needs, goals, and habits, with those of the people closest to you. This is the house of relationships, but not just marriage or intimate partners; it also refers to any significant relationship where you work together on the basis of mutual commitment, for example with therapists, lawyers, agents, or editors.

All your relationships will be tested now, but it’s most likely to affect your closest or most significant partnership or marriage. Saturn makes you more aware of your relationship needs, limitations, and duties, and whether you’re living up to them. You’re likely to take your relationships more seriously and if you’ve been taking others for granted, or a relationship isn’t giving you what you need, you’ll have to face up to that now.

Saturn brings you down to earth and forces you to take responsibility for being practical and realistic in your relationships, especially those that have a significant impact on your life and identity. If you’re expecting too much from others, or you’re not delivering the goods, or a partnership just isn’t workable, you’ll need to be as objective as possible to determine the best way forward.

You may feel more detached and reserved towards others and this could cause problems in your relationships. You might feel restricted or inhibited, which could reflect fears that exist in you that you’re projecting onto the other person, or you may have genuinely outgrown the relationship. You may need to withdraw for a while to work out what you need.

This transit can be a testing time and your relationships may feel stressful and difficult. You’ll need to examine them to see if they’re realistic and whether they’re a true reflection of who you have become, and are becoming. Strong relationships will get stronger as a result of this testing process. Only relationships that aren’t based on something real and sustainable will fail the test and fall apart. It depends on how willing you are to be honest with yourself and others, and whether you make the effort to build authentic relationships that reflect the real you.

A relationship may end now, but it may also just need to be transformed through a new approach. The descendant and 7th house signify parts of yourself that get lost in the unconscious and that you project onto others. These may include qualities you look for in a partner and tend to idealise, as well as fears and doubts. You may need to take back your projections and take responsibility for being you – the whole of you – you can’t expect your partner to carry the burden of your unconscious for you.

Saturn will help with this process and encourage you to balance your need for independence with the needs of others. You’ll need to distinguish between mere duty and a genuine desire to meet the other person halfway. You may need to define yourself more clearly as an individual, but you can be true to yourself and still be in a relationship if it’s flexible enough and allows both partners to grow.

The ideal relationship involves the meeting of two whole individuals who come together through genuine love rather than the need to feel completed by the other. This isn’t easy to achieve and you’ll never get the balance perfectly right, but if you go too far out of balance, Saturn will force you confront reality. Whatever the state of your relationships, they must be based in reality, not fantasy or idealism.

Possibilities with Saturn transiting the 7th:
  • Marriage or making a commitment
  • Ending a failed relationship
  • Establishing a business partnership
  • Meeting the expectations of others
  • Recognition for your skills and talents
Watch out for:
  • Hanging on to an unhealthy relationship
  • Divorce
  • Isolation and withdrawal
  • Avoidance of confrontation

This transit isn’t just about relationships; it’s also about coming to terms with the world and its demands on you as an individual. If you hold back and don’t test your new found self-knowledge and skills in the world by sharing what you know, it can cause blockages and difficulties.

Saturn encourages you to put your gifts, talents, and interests to the test so you can see what works and challenge yourself to become all that you can be. You can only do that by interacting with others and risking possible criticism or failure. If you don’t do this you may get stuck in a kind of arrested development and will struggle to keep moving forward.

But if you do the necessary work, this transit can also mark a time of wider public and social participation, and you may begin to get recognition for your skills and abilities. It’s a time to shine and to work hard in preparation for Saturn’s climb to the top of your chart at the Midheaven.

(Personal note: when Saturn was in my 7th, and conjunct my Sun, I won a screenwriting competition and worked with a script editor on several drafts – a real test of my skill and talent played out through a one-to-one relationship! Read about it here: How to Develop a Screenplay)


  • Planets in Transit – Robert Hand
  • Saturn in Transit – Erin Sullivan
  • Astrology, Karma, & Transformation – Stephen Arroyo
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