Saturn Transits: 6th House

When Saturn transits the Sixth House the need for security and achievement influences your job, daily habits, diet and health. This house is often seen as a boring place (unless you’re a Virgo!) but what happens during this transit is essential for what comes when Saturn crosses your descendant.

When Saturn transits the 6th house you enter a period of self-adjustment and re-organisation where you can change your thinking and how you work, and create positive health habits. You may realise that you need to be more disciplined in the practical areas of your life, perhaps because of a crisis that forces you to face up to problems with your job or health.

Saturn will help you to decide what you need to do and to discriminate between what’s useful to you and what isn’t. You can find out how effective you are in doing what you’re trying to do and how useful you are to other people. For example, are you serving others in a way that actually helps, or just helping yourself and so becoming a burden to others?

This transit is about digesting your experience on a practical level and sorting out what works and what doesn’t. You might feel restless and be very busy, pottering about and getting stuff done, but if you waste your energies on unnecessary activity you could end up with health problems. You may also be too critical of yourself which can lead to depression or psychosomatic illnesses.

Health problems that you experience now can be traced back to bad dietary habits or lack of exercise. This transit is about self-purification on every level, so your body may need time to purge itself of toxins and impurities. Saturn can help with this process if you cooperate and take responsibility for sorting yourself out. This is the perfect time to establish positive and life-enhancing habits in diet and exercise.

Saturn wants you to take responsibility for your habits and routines so you’re prepared for what comes next. If you’re not aware of what you’re doing day to day, you could be undermining yourself without realising or setting yourself up for problems later. This is especially true for your health.

If you experience burnout, exhaustion, or a collapse in health and vitality, it’s a sign that you need to rethink what you’re doing. This is especially likely to happen if you’re stuck in a dead end job or spending too much time on meaningless tasks. You might also lose your job through illness, redundancy, or plain old boredom. If this happens, you’ll need to dig deep to find out what needs to change so you can come back to life and keep moving forward. With Saturn’s help you can rebuild your strength and energy, and develop positive habits that will support your life into the future.

Possibilities with Saturn transiting the 6th:
  • Changing jobs or the way you work
  • Undergoing therapy or counselling
  • Improving your diet
  • Starting an exercise regime
  • Learning new skills
Watch out for:
  • Depression
  • Chronic health problems
  • Working too hard
  • Burnout

Saturn in the 6th is about learning to take responsibility for how you operate in daily life and how you relate to and use your body. You’re preparing for the moment when Saturn moves back above the horizon and enters the 7th house when you’ll need to put all your skills and abilities to use in the outer world in a more visible way. You could discover and sow the seeds of new career goals for the future if you put the work in now. To find the direction and skills you need to be encouraging and working on, listen to your body because the soul speaks through the body and its symptoms. Now is the time to learn new skills or refine and improve the ones you already have. With hard work and dedication you can begin to manifest your dreams and make some serious progress towards embodying your potential as an individual.


  • Planets in Transit – Robert Hand
  • Saturn in Transit – Erin Sullivan
  • Astrology, Karma, & Transformation – Stephen Arroyo
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