Ox Herding Pictures: First Glimpse of the Ox

A nightingale warbles on a twig,  the sun shines on undulating willows. There stands the Ox, where could it hide? That splendid head, those stately horns,  what artist could portray them? This is where you get a glimpse of the truth you’re seeking. It isn’t full enlightenment because you only see the tail of the… Continue reading Ox Herding Pictures: First Glimpse of the Ox


Ox Herding Pictures: Finding the Tracks

Innumerable footprints has he seen in the forest  and along the water’s edge. Over yonder does he see the trampled grass? Even the deepest gorges of the topmost mountains  can’t hide this Ox’s nose which reaches right to heaven. By asking the right questions you begin to sense there might be more to life than you… Continue reading Ox Herding Pictures: Finding the Tracks


Zen Ox Herding Pictures: Introduction

The ox herding pictures represent the process of awakening as described in Zen Buddhism. Each image is a metaphor that reveals the internal stages of meditation – how awakening looks from the inside. In this series we’ll look at each picture and explore what they mean, but first a bit of background. The original drawings… Continue reading Zen Ox Herding Pictures: Introduction

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Spiritual Glossary: Buddha Nature

Buddha nature is your true nature. This may be hard to believe at times, but even a tiny glimpse of reality during awakening will reveal the truth of it. Enlightenment reveals the true nature of all beings as Buddha nature. It’s also called Buddha-dhātu, which means ‘Buddha Element’ or ‘Buddha Principle.’ This is the seed… Continue reading Spiritual Glossary: Buddha Nature