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Zodiac Myths: The Story Behind Cancer

We leave behind the mental chatter of Gemini and enter the deep waters of Cancer. As a cardinal water sign, Cancer is concerned with emotional security and achieves strength through surrender. Water takes the form of whatever container it flows into, and will flow around obstacles or slowly wear them down. Water doesn’t resist; it… Continue reading Zodiac Myths: The Story Behind Cancer


Traditional Correspondences: Cancer

The zodiac sign of Cancer (21 June – 21 July) is symbolised by the Crab. The glyph represents a woman’s breasts which show the nurturing qualities of the sign. Cancer Basics Ruler: Moon Exultation: Jupiter Natural House: 4th house Fall: Mars Quality: Cardinal Detriment: Saturn Element: Water Polarity: Negative / Feminine Cancer Correspondences Day: Monday… Continue reading Traditional Correspondences: Cancer