Mystic Warrior Practice – Collective Context

Last time we looked at the personal dimension of the wider context of your life. But since no one is an island, you also need to explore how you fit in to the rest of society and the world-at-large. Collective Context covers the myths and concepts that shape your life whether you’re aware of them… Continue reading Mystic Warrior Practice – Collective Context


How to Interpret Saturn Transits

Saturn represents structure, limitation and security. It takes 28 years to transit the whole zodiac so you’ll experience a Saturn return at ages 28-30, 58-60, and 88-90. These repeating cycles represent a time of taking more responsibility or adjusting to reality and new life structures. Saturn represents the principle of form, structure and stability. It… Continue reading How to Interpret Saturn Transits

Free Your Pen · Writing

Free Your Pen: The Real Cause of All Your Problems

Continuing the extracts from Free Your Pen: Mind Training for Writers. Last time we looked at why mastering your mind is so important. In this post we’ll have a closer look at the real cause of the problem with another extract from chapter one: Meet Your Mind Although everybody writes for different reasons, the fears… Continue reading Free Your Pen: The Real Cause of All Your Problems


The Eightfold Path: Right Understanding

Right Understanding is the first practice of the Eightfold Path, and is also known as Right View. It provides context and perspective for the whole path, and is the foundation for all the other practices because it’s about perception. Right Understanding is about seeing yourself and the world as they really are. Sounds simple, right?… Continue reading The Eightfold Path: Right Understanding

Book Reviews

Review: What makes you Not a Buddhist

This week I’m reading What Makes you Not a Buddhist, a brilliant and lucid book from a Tibetan Buddhist master who doesn’t pull his punches. Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse gives it to us straight: so you think you’re a Buddhist? Think again! This book challenges common misconceptions about Buddhism, particularly those held by practitioners, and demonstrates… Continue reading Review: What makes you Not a Buddhist

The Shining Ones · Writing

Fantasy Fiction: a genre distinction too far

I wrote a Fantasy novel by accident. That’s not an easy accident to have; not like tripping over your own feet or walking into a glass door. It’s not that I was trying to write something else and it turned into Fantasy. I wasn’t aiming for any genre in particular – I just wrote the… Continue reading Fantasy Fiction: a genre distinction too far