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The Hero’s Journey: The Road Back

The hero has lived through the Supreme Ordeal and received an Reward for facing his worst fear. But the journey isn’t over yet. Somehow the hero must return to his Ordinary World and use the new skills or information he has gained. So now he faces the Road Back.

Here is where the hero must deal with the consequences of confronting the darkness of the Ordeal. It is the second big turning point or threshold and takes us from act 2 into the final act. There may be new challenges and a shift of focus. Different goals may need to be pursued now that the hero has gained new knowledge about himself.

This is also the point where the dark forces and enemies of the hero rise up and start to fight back. There is often a chase where the bad guys come after the hero, bent on revenge.

Thor: The Road Back

While Thor has been learning to grow up, Loki has been up to no good back in Asgard. He has made a deal with his real father, Laufey, to allow the Frost Giants into Asgard to kill Odin and take back their casket.

Meanwhile, Thor’s friends are determined to bring him back from Earth and Heimdall, the Gatekeeper, agrees to help. The Lady Sif and the Warriors Three land on Earth and walk down the middle of the street, baffling the locals with their bizarre attire. They find Thor making breakfast for his new friends. He tells them they should not have come, but then the Warriors reveal the truth. Odin is still alive and they need Thor to help deal with the mendacious Loki.

Back in Asgard Loki has frozen Heimdall using his Frost Giant powers, and sent the Destroyer after Thor. He wants to be king and can’t let Thor return.

The Destroyer prepares to destroy...
The Destroyer prepares to destroy…

The huge metal fire-breathing monster lands in the desert and proceeds to destroy everything in its path. Thor tries to get all the people of the town to safety – he knows the Destroyer is coming for him and won’t stop until he has been killed.

The Warriors battle the Destroyer with some nifty fisticuffs, but the metal monster seems indestructible. Thor can only watch as it rips through the town, destroying cars and buildings. Without his hammer he is helpless. What can he do to save the people around him?

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