Addled: Spiritual Awakening for Atheists

Addled: Adventures of a Reluctant Mystic is a novel about spiritual awakening for the postmodern era. It follows Zoe Popper for a year in the life of a modern mystic and asks:

What would you risk for a glimpse of God?

Addled new coverZoe Popper is a cleaner who walks a lot and thinks too much. She is plagued by otherworldly visions which come at the most inconvenient moments, like when picking up good-looking guys in bars. So when a mysterious gentleman in a pinstripe tells her she is a mystic and offers to become her teacher, she is shocked. Zoe is a confirmed atheist and doesn’t have a religious bone in her body.

Encouraged by her friends, she overcomes her cynicism and embarks upon the ultimate quest. But when a rupture between her single-minded mother and hedonist twin brother threatens to tear the family apart, Zoe must confront the dark secrets in her past. She must risk her sanity and her life for a glimpse of God, but will the prize be worth it?

After all, what use is enlightenment if you can’t hold on to the people you love?

As Zoe’s perceptions and relationships are challenged, she finds herself on a collision course with reality. But the world could be stranger than she thinks…

Addled: Adventures of a Reluctant Mystic is a tale of love and loss, set in the post-industrial north. It explores the challenges of spiritual awakening and reveals what it takes to live as a ‘mystic without religion’, in a world where everything is relative and nothing is sacred. A story for believers and non-believers alike, this book will challenge every assumption you ever made. (Unless you’re a mystic! 😉 )

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