Being Creative in a Mad World: Dreaming

If you want to be creative you will have to create the right environment to allow your imagination freedom to roam. Imagination is the essence of creativity. When we create we inspire and enchant ourselves, and hopefully others.

Dreaming means opening to experience; expanding your sense of self to include possibilities you may never have imagined.

When you dream you are embarking on an inner adventure, seeking out the new and surprising.

Dream bubble
Dream bubble

This exploration isn’t without risk – who knows what you will discover? Are you willing to follow where your imagination leads? Only in following a dream can you reveal the depths of your own self-deception and be reborn through disillusionment into wisdom and growth.

Truth is meaningless without dreams.

Creativity is impossible without structure, so your dreams must be grounded and given form if they are to live. Unfortunately (or fortunately) this changes them. A story written down is never quite as numinous or perfect as the story glowing in your overwrought brain.

But the fact remains: if you refuse to allow your dreams to be challenged through the process of incarnation into form, you will never create. Your dreams die with you leaving nothing but a slight smell and a stubborn stain.

So let your mind off the leash to tumble through unimaginable vistas, and when it returns bearing gifts, don’t forget to write it down.

What fuels your dreams? Share your cheese-based musings below… Next time: Thinking

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