The Story Behind Aries

Aries is a crusader with a righteous vision of life. Wherever there’s a mission or cause to be fought for, you’ll find Aries, armour glinting in the sunshine. The Aries myth is all about the future and vanquishing the enemy, doing the noble deed with passion and adventure. Aries is ruled by Mars.

Aries Myths

Robin Hood is a champion of the poor and oppressed, redistributing the wealth he takes from corrupt authority. He enjoys the danger and excitement of battle, hanging out with his mates in the forest and waylaying unwary aristocrats. Robin Hood is always fighting for change, progress and fairness – the perfect Aries.

A less edifying myth for Aries is the story of Jason and the Argonauts. Sent by the gods on an impossible mission – to retrieve the golden fleece – Jason does everything wrong and gets himself in a right old pickle. He succeeds in his initial quest and gets the fleece, but then dumps the woman who helped him. Medea is not about to accept this kind of disrespect and goes ballistic, killing their kids and Jason’s new bride (in true Scorpio style).

This myth shows the dark side of Aries. Jason was too single-minded, ignoring everything but his quest, trampling others in the process. He ended up old and impotent, all meaning crushed from his life. Aries take note!

Robin Hood © 2010 Universal Studios
Robin Hood © 2010 Universal Studios

Aries on Film

© Renaissance Pictures
© Renaissance Pictures

Lancelot, the archetypal knight of the Round Table.

Luke Skywalker fighting to free the far, far away galaxy from imperialist forces.

Bruce Wayne as Batman fighting to free Gotham City from the bad guys.

Xena: Warrior Princess, fighting her way to redemption by defending the innocent.

Famous Knights

Michael Fassbender
Michael Fassbender

Russell Crowe (Sun & Mars in Aries)

Michael Fassbender (Sun, Mercury & Venus in Aries)

Lucy Lawless (Sun & Moon in Aries)

William Shatner (Sun & Mercury in Aries)

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Sun & Venus in Aries).

Who are your favourite Aries characters? Share your fiery vision below…

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