Traditional Correspondences: Sagittarius

Sagittarius GlyphThe zodiac sign of Sagittarius (22 November – 21 December) is symbolised by the Centaur (half man half horse).

The glyph represents an arrow which shows the adventurous nature of the sign.

Sagittarius Basics

Ruler: Jupiter Exultation: South Node
Natural House: 9th house Fall: North Node
Quality: Mutable Detriment: Mercury
Element: Fire Polarity: Positive / Masculine

Sagittarius Correspondences

Day: Thursday
Number: 3
Physiology: Hips & thighs, liver, pituitary gland
Illnesses: Accidents, mental strain, nervous disorders, psychological upsets, liver troubles
Colours: Purple, dark royal blue
Metal: Tin
Birthstone: Topaz
Season: Winter
Foods: Onions, bulb vegetables, garlic, celery, leeks, currents & sultanas, grapefruit, exotic foods
Herbs: Sage, borage, cinnamon, aniseed, burdock, mandrake
Plants: Dandelions, carnations, horsetail, narcissus, wood betony, mallow
Trees: Ash, Silver Birch, Oak, Mulberry, Chestnut, Lime, Thistle
Animals: Horses, Stags, all hoofed & hunted animals
Places: Tuscany, China, Australia, anywhere foreign, grand houses, stables, hills & high places, upper rooms with fireplaces