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Addled Now Out in Paperback!

Addled: Adventures of a Reluctant Mystic is a novel about spiritual awakening in a crazy world, and how the crisis of spiritual emergency can become an awakening.

Addled new coverThe story follows reluctant mystic Zoe Popper on her quest for inner peace and self-knowledge. Addled explores the line between mysticism and madness using the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, and offers an alternative perspective on mental illness.

Sometimes you think you’re going crazy, but really you’re going sane.

Here’s the blurb:

Zoe Popper has visions at the most inconvenient moments, like when trying to meet guys in a bar. She thinks she’s going crazy. Her dad was the same, and it killed him. But when she meets a mysterious gentleman who offers to become her teacher, it forces her to confront her darkest fears.

As she fights to hold her family together, Zoe realises she must risk her sanity for a glimpse of the truth. But will the prize be worth it? After all, what use is enlightenment if you can’t hold on to the people you love?

The book has been out for a while on Kindle, but now you can get it in paperback too! I’ve also dropped the price on the Kindle edition, so now there’s no excuse 😉

To mark the release of the paperback, I’ll be posting some free chapters plus loads of extras and behind the scenes stuff. Things like: Zoe’s photo album, a playlist of songs, articles about the subjects covered, and many more. Click on the images below to explore all the Addled goodies:

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Zoe is about to discover that reality is stranger than she thinks. Challenge your perception of reality by joining Zoe on her quest for enlightenment. You can buy the book here:

Amazon UK / Amazon US / Others

If you enjoy the free chapters and the extra stuff on the blog, please consider buying a copy of the book. If you’ve already got it – thank you! – and remember to leave a review on Amazon. Read Reviews

Visit the blog of the book:adventures-of-a-reluctant-mystic-blog

13 thoughts on “Addled Now Out in Paperback!

  1. Addled explores the line between mysticism and madness

    There’s a line there?
    Hmm. I must pay more attention.

    More seriously, without having read the book I’m glad Zoe has family responsibilities. That’s one thing I’m mostly free of but since I started blogging I’ve come to realise how much harder being crazy is for women. There’s so much more pressure on them to be ‘conventional’ – especially if they have kids – so very few feel they can afford to explore their madness and try to find meaning in it. Add the usual dash of sexism – both in society in general and the psychiatric profession in particular – and you’ve got a recipe for mashed autonomy wrapped in chemically enforced conformism.

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    1. Yes, it’s a very blurry line 😉

      My family responsibilities are more or less non-existent too which has given me the freedom to do my own thing, so long as I don’t worry too much what other people think. Of course, that freedom isn’t necessarily always a good thing, or a welcome thing. Conformity has its own comforts, I suppose. I wouldn’t know – never been any good at it!


  2. That is really cool, Jessica! Congratulations! I love the tag line “Sometimes you think you’re going crazy, but really you’re going sane”. And having an accompanying web site is a great idea too! Wishing you total success! -Don

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  3. This is exciting. Congratualtions.

    Do you use FB? I belong to a great closed FB group on SE called Shades of Awakening. It is wonderful. I am also taking an online course on how to help those in SE or SEY by Emma Bragdon.

    peace, litebeing

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