The Shining Ones

Introducing The Shining Ones

I’m busy sending my latest novel out to agents and it’s all rather nerve wracking. Part of this process involves writing the blurb and a pitch for the book. This is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do as a writer. If you think writing the book is hard, just wait until you have to write the pitch. Aargh!

So I thought I’d share my pain. What follows is the blurb as it stands right now. I’ll probably keep tweaking and it’ll evolve and improve, but this is the best I’ve managed so far. Distilling 100,000 words into a couple of paragraphs is unbelievably time consuming. The following took me several days to write, and I’m still not sure…

Angel of Happiness with pigeons

The Shining Ones

The world is recovering from a devastating solar storm and the ARK consortium has taken control. When scientists discover a genetic mutation, they label the new humans Deviants. As an ancient prophecy is uncovered, powerful forces fight to keep its truth hidden. A truth that will change the future of humanity forever.

The Shining Ones are returning.

Anastasia Wilson, a Deviant and healer with special powers, goes on the run when ARK abduct her friend and fellow Deviant, Michael Okeke. Ana knows ARK is killing Deviants. She must rescue Michael before he meets the same fate. But Gregori, ARK’s sinister lawyer, is determined to find Ana and destroy her.

Meanwhile, a mysterious artefact is found in a cave under the melting ice in Greenland. Ana’s friend, palaeolinguist Ethne Godwin, is called to investigate. She uncovers a prophecy that reveals her friends have become human angels, the Shining Ones of prehistory who brought civilisation to mankind at the end of the Ice Age.

And now the Fire Stone has activated Ethne’s Deviant mutation. Can she decode the prophecy and find her friends before ARK catch up with them? And why does Gregori seem so familiar?

Set in the near future in a slowly disintegrating but familiar world, The Shining Ones is a globetrotting fantasy thriller where the gods reincarnate as ordinary people and rub shoulders with otherworldly angels disguised as pigeons. Fast moving and witty, with a startling twist on an old story, this is a world where nothing is what it appears and love is the ultimate superpower.

Here’s an even shorter version:

Anastasia Wilson and her friends uncover a prophecy that reveals they are the Shining Ones, powerful beings who brought civilisation to mankind at the end of the Ice Age. Now civilisation is under threat, they have returned to trigger the next stage in human evolution. But Ana’s ruthless enemy has also returned. Gregori is determined to stop the prophecy and destroy his ancient rival. To defeat Gregori, Ana must learn to control her powers and remember who she was before the ice melted.

So, what do you think? If you discovered you were a human angel, what would you do? Answers below… In the meantime, stay tuned for an extract from the first chapter to whet your appetite.

P.S. Yes, I did mean pigeons, and no, the angels don’t have wings when they’re in human form 😉

Image: Angel of Happiness


11 thoughts on “Introducing The Shining Ones

  1. Something that’s occurred to me about angels is that they’re basically God’s bots. Apparently they have no free will so are always completely amoral. Presumably that includes Lucifer. He was programmed to rebel. All part of the Divine Plan I guess.

    So angels are really androids God developed on His way to true AI – beings like us that can make moral decisions. They aren’t above us or superior to us. They’re prototypes.

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    1. Some people think angels do have free will, but that’s never made sense to me. I never thought of them as God’s bots – but it’s obvious now you say it. They can only do what they were made to do.

      I can’t say too much about this cos it’s partly what the book is about…


  2. God no. I’d rather eat my manuscript than try to sell it. But since you ask …

    She uncovers a prophecy that reveals her friends have become human angels

    Drop that. It not only explicitly reveals what should be a plot twist, it does so in a way that undermines any suspense in the novel. If your friends are angels what’s to go wrong? Leave the prophecy unspecified beyond ominous, ambiguous adjectives. A good prophecy is double-edged at best.

    If you discovered you were a human angel, what would you do?


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