Part of Fortune in 9th House

POF 9thThe Part of Fortune in the houses shows the areas of life experience where you can find joy. With the Part of Fortune in 9th house you achieve happiness and success through discovering and sharing the truth.

Your greatest joy will come through having adventures, broadening your horizons and expanding your education. You want to experience as much of life as you can and may have a lot of luck by discovering things for yourself. You understand that everyone is both a teacher and a student, and you like to teach and share whatever you discover on your travels, whether physical or mental. You may find your fortune travelling far from home or in the areas of philosophy, higher education, publishing, and spirituality. You may also benefit from others at a distance.

You experience joy through the discovery of your own personal truth, but your studies bring insights that you can use to help others too. You’re seeking the truth of cosmic reality and may have a strong identification with the idea of a Deity or universal truth. You feel in tune with the forces of nature, but also know you must live and function on the level of everyday reality. Joy comes from understanding how you relate to the universe as a whole.

The point opposite the Part of Fortune may block the free flow of energy and make it harder to find joy, but only if you take it personally. If you approach this area impersonally it will help you achieve happiness. The opposite point here is the 3rd house so you see how people often communicate without really understanding one another. The multitude of confused voices and dualistic thinking will block your experience of joy if you take them personally. Detaching from them will allow you to see how real communication may be possible.

You can see how various perspectives are all relative and that to understand the truth you need to expand your awareness to a higher perspective that unifies them all. If you don’t take the mundane levels of consciousness personally you can use them to communicate clearly about the higher levels. Ultimately, all perspectives are necessary and everything is interdependent.

9th House Pot of Gold

You’ll find joy by expanding your horizons by exploring the outer and inner worlds. Spirituality is the key to your happiness.

  • Cultivate tolerance and openness to different perspectives.
  • Let your soul lead the way.
  • Positively pursue your dreams and ideals.
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