Part of Fortune in 4th House

POF 4thThe Part of Fortune in the houses shows the areas of life experience where you can find joy. With the Part of Fortune in 4th house you achieve happiness and success through family and putting down strong roots.

Your greatest joy will come through nurturing the growth of life, whether that’s growing a family by having children, or by growing plants, animals, ideas, or projects. Happiness comes from giving birth and nurturing new beginnings of whatever kind. This works best when you cultivate an inner foundation that you can use to give birth to whatever is needed.

You need a strong emotional foundation because your success comes from seeing what others need and then taking care of them. You love to watch the seeds you’ve planted grow because it helps you to feel at one with the source of creation. You will be happiest when you stay close to nature and the roots of life. Heritage, family and ancestry are all important to you, and you may have strong patriotic feelings too.

You need a sense of home and roots in order to feel happy, but this feeling of home could be related to a person, your family, a soul tribe of like-minded friends, or an idea. It could be anything that gives you a sense of solidity and provides a foundation for your life. This is where your fortune lies and by taking small steps to slowly build something meaningful you can create order and structure in the world.

The point opposite the Part of Fortune may block the free flow of energy and make it harder to find joy, but only if you take it personally. If you approach this area impersonally it will help you achieve happiness. The opposite point here is the 10th house so you know that things take time to grow and mature.

You achieve the greatest happiness from the process of working towards a goal rather than in achieving the goal itself. Don’t allow the big egos who are chasing worldly goals stop you from connecting with what’s true and natural for you. You might want to push the harvest and make your seeds sprout too soon, but by taking a more impersonal view you can stay in touch with the process and allow things to grow at their own rate.

4th House Pot of Gold

You’ll find joy by developing an inner sense of belonging and security that you can share with family and friends. Nurturing is the key to your happiness.

  • Home is where your heart is.
  • Dig deep to find your roots.
  • Take your time in building your empire.
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