Resources for Astrologers

Welcome to the resources page for astrologers where you’ll find links to useful sites, astrologers, and blogs to help you on your astrological journey. These are some of the places I’ve found most helpful. Bookmark this page!



Astro Databank – birth data and horoscopes of thousands of public figures

Astrodienst – one of the best sites for horoscopes, resources and articles

Astrology Ephemeris – data covering 9,000 years for the positions of all planets in downloadable pdf files

Astrology News Service – tons of excellent articles about astrology

The Astrology Podcast – hosted by Chris Brennan – essential listening

The Centre for Psychological Astrology – courses, online tuition, seminars, and free magazine downloads of Apollon

Chaos Astrology – comprehensive site covering horoscopes, interpretation, transits, articles, and more

The Faculty of Astrological Studies – courses, online seminars, and articles

Project Hindsight – resource restoring the source texts of Western astrological tradition

Skyscript – tons of articles and resources from Deborah Houlding

Richard Tarnas – articles and videos on archetypal cosmology and deep history


ARHAT Media – Robert Hand’s site featuring articles and resources

Chris Brennan – author of the epic Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune

Austin Coppock – Astrology and Esotericism, interesting blog, online courses & services

Maurice Fernandez – Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness – articles, videos, and more

Steven Forrest – Evolutionary Astrology: tons of resources, articles and videos

Demetra George – services, articles and books

Jeffrey Wolf Green – School of Evolutionary Astrology – articles and samples from his books

Nightlight Astrology – services and videos from Adam Elenbaas

Hiroki Niizato Astrology – excellent articles rooted in humanistic astrology

Melanie Reinhart – tons of articles, videos and downloads

Dane Rudhyar Archival Project – fantastic resources and access to many out of print books

Erin Sullivan – articles and videos, training and consultations

Kelly Surtees – articles, training and consultations

Patrick Watson – services, articles and videos, plus entertaining astro memes


Apollon – journal published by the Centre for Psychological Astrology. Free pdf downloads

Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology – academic journal, free articles available to download

The Career Astrologer – published by the Organisation for Professional Astrology, free to download

Culture and Cosmos – a journal for the history of astrology and cultural astronomy

The Mountain Astrologer – the best astrology magazine in the world. Site includes free articles and beginner’s series

Astrology Blogs (plus services)

Horoscope Reports

If you’d like a horoscope reading, there are lots of astrologers and services to choose from. Here is a selection of some of the best:

Astro*Intelligence – excellent psychological analysis based on Jungian principles by Liz Greene

Equinox – good range of charts by Robert Currey, including Astro-cartography and Liz Green’s Astro*Intelligence reports

Café Astrology – a multitude of different charts and an extensive and useful website

There are many, many astrologers out there. Some are excellent, some are good, and some are frankly charlatans. To avoid disappointment and make sure you don’t waste your hard-earned cash, please shop around and get testimonials.

Better still – learn how to interpret your own chart. Just make sure you steer clear of sun sign astrology – what you want is the real thing…

Free Charts and Interpretations

Input your birth data and receive a free printout of your horoscope from the following sites:

Astrodienst: simple and detailed, lots of options, great looking charts with access to a wealth of analysis and features on astrology. Start here!

Astrolabe: simple to use, gives you a mini analysis, but not many options for house settings, transits, etc.

Astrotheme: easy to use, options for different house systems and other chart details, as well as easy options for sharing or printing. But I find these charts very hard to read – frankly, they’re a mess!

Café Astrology: simple to use, gives a basic analysis, but the chart itself is difficult to read. You do get all the details in a nice table which you can use to research a deeper analysis yourself.

Be warned: some sites require you to sign up and log in, and will forever after bombard you with emails selling you their stuff. That’s fine if you don’t mind. The only site I would recommend you sign up for is Astrodienst (otherwise known as It really is the best place to begin if you want to learn how to do astrology yourself. Café Astrology is also good for horoscope analysis and transit forecasting.

Browse Astrology Posts

Missed any good ones? Add your recommendations in the comments below…


24 thoughts on “Resources for Astrologers

  1. In addition to Evolutionary Astrologers Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green, I’d strongly suggest including Tom Jacobs: on the list. He has been described by some as the “healer’s healer” – aptly, I find. His books are also a valuable resource.

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  2. Hi Jessica…was curious which house system you use for natal charts
    Thanks for all the great resources…I’ve recently come across your site and am enjoying all the info! Thanks!

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  3. Oops, left out two of my regulars:
    (1) Anoop:
    (2) Andy (Journey by the Sea):

    I have omitted a number of excellent metaphysical blogs who do not write about astrology as well as some blogs that only intermittently post. (I note that Litebeing Chronicles left a comment here. If s/he wrote a bit more astrology content, her excellent blog would have been on the list. Hint, hint. 🙂 )

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      1. Enjoy! Full Moon season, Mercury Retrograde, and the Winter Solstice are all upon us, so I am certain they will have much to say!

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  4. I would add these (mostly alphabetical):

    (1) 5D Astrology:
    (2) Alchemy Astrology:
    (3) Anne Whitaker:
    (4) Anya’s Astrology:
    (5) Dreamweaver 333:
    (6) Eyes of Heaven (Eliza Basset):
    (7) Indigo 2 Crystal:
    (8) Jaguar Spirit:
    (9) J Buss:
    (10) Know Your Vibes:
    (11) Libra Seeking Balance:
    (12) Tara Greene:
    (13) Venus Lotus:
    (14) Viva Combusta (Clarissa):

    Not an astrologer, but I like her anyway:
    (1) Monavie Voight:

    In any “election,” you should always vote for yourself, right?

    About GrandTrines:
    And When I Die:

    Hope that helps!
    P.S. We should add YOU, right?

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      1. You are welcome! This is not a comprehensive list, but I would definitely add Clarissa, Tara Greene, Anne Whitaker, and Eliza Basset. And, as a plug, my (main) astrology blog (I have three) has been up since 2008 and I have nearly 1000 followers with regular readership of about 100 visitors per day. I am sure I am missing a few others, but these seem like a good starting point (Clarissa, Tara Greene, Anne Whitaker, Eliza Basset, and maybe myself. I have a few others, if you are interested.)

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