Dark Night of the Soul

Resources for Surviving a Dark Night of the Soul

Welcome to the resources page for surviving the dark night of the soul and spiritual emergency. You’ll find links to advice, articles and inspiration to help you cope when spiritual crisis threatens to overwhelm you. Bookmark this page!


Spiritual Emergency Resources

Beyond Meds – alternatives to psychiatry, integral holistic well-being

Biology of Kundalini – Comprehensive material on the awakening process from Jana Dixon.

Break the Cycle – Guidance from Peter Gerlach on how to heal childhood wounds and trauma

Catherine G Lucas – blog on spiritual emergency from the founder of the Spiritual Crisis Network

Mystical Journey to Divine Union – spiritual wisdom from St John of the Cross by John Paul Thomas

Our Light Body – A Kundalini Awakening Testimonial by Mary Rabyor

Psychotic Buddha – Buddhist paths through Madness

Remember to Breathe – breathing exercises and related techniques for living a balanced life

Shades of Awakening – community, blog and Facebook group for people going through spiritual crisis

Spiritual Crisis Network – information and resources for people going through spiritual crisis in the UK

Spiritual Emergence Network – information and resources for people going through spiritual crisis in the US

Trauma’s Labyrinth – articles on healing and psychology by Laura K Kerr

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More Spiritual Resources

Adventures of a Reluctant MysticAddled: the blog of the book. Read free chapters and explore the extras

Adyashanti – teachings free from any tradition or ideology

Anaiya Sophia – mystic attuned to the feminine expression of Christ Consciousness

Awaken in the Dream – Fascinating website with brilliant articles on various aspects of awakening by Paul Levy

Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation – Online resource for extraordinary wisdom teachings. Entire notebooks available onsite

BuddhaNet – Teachings, articles, dharma talks, and more

Centre for Sacred Sciences – mysticism book list arranged by tradition and level of accessibility

Conscious TV – interviews on non-duality, consciousness and spirituality

Divine Life Society – Ebooks, articles and teachings from Swami Krishnananda

Gangaji – blog, webcasts and resources from this great teacher

Happiness Beyond Thought – great posts on awakening from Gary Weber

Andrew Harvey – mystic, author, Rumi scholar and founder of Sacred Activism

Integral Life – articles, videos, and community for Integral spirituality

Integral World – Essays and discussion on Integral philosophy and Ken Wilber’s theory of everything

Internet Sacred Texts Archive – Largest free archive of online books on spirituality and the esoteric

Lion’s Roar – excellent articles from Buddhist magazines Lion’s Roar and Buddhadharma

New Age Frauds & Plastic Shamans – exposing exploitation and fraud, useful articles and helpful forum

Observations on the Road Home – Great site exploring higher states of consciousness from Davidya

Osho – resources, articles, videos and more from this controversial teacher

Search Within – resources, essays, reviews and links for the sincere seeker

Self-Discovery Portal – resources, articles and groups for the spiritual seeker

Stillness Speaks – Articles and videos on all aspects of spirituality taking an integral approach

Ken Wilber – Tons of resources, articles and cool stuff from a challenging and mind-expanding writer and philosopher

Wei Wu Wei – Extracts and essays from Buddhist/Taoist philosopher Wei Wu Wei

The Zen Site – Teachings, essays, koans and critiques of Zen philosophy

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Have I missed any good ones? Add your recommendations in the comments below…


10 thoughts on “Resources for Surviving a Dark Night of the Soul

  1. My own method, which follows, worked for me and precipitated partial enlightenment, but i’m still awaiting full arahatship. It’s completely true – I wouldn’t waste time making up lies about such a serious, even dangerous, topic. I want to help people in this waking existential nightmare of true Samsara perception. SO- you gradually find your perception has changed and all you used to enjoy seems now debased. This perception change will never leave you and many ego worldly desires you had will now remain forever diminished as a result. You have drunk of the poison of life as Crowley wrote; intolerable thine ache and incurable thy wound. This change is supposed to be for the better, and MAYBE it does burn Karma – as it’s the path of suffering, but also wisdom. Start chanting a mantra as fast as is needed for you to block out ALL thought as best you can-for the entire duration of chanting- e.g 1/2 hr. Any mantra, preferably one with no meaning, or else just a positive meaning. My two are Shri ienga Nama, and also Om Ganapataya Namaha. You won’t be able to block it all out, just do your best. With luck you will get quick flashes of a sort of Satori ‘no thought bliss’. These continue as you practice and then continue on happening throughout daily life. If you get the bliss flash I say you’re on the right path. These then occur innumerable times. They are quick but lovely. Their addictiveness spurs on the practice. Later they become the background of your mind- as if the higher state flashes have raised your mind to a higher level which you get used to so much so that you forget it is even there at times. But upon concentration you see it is still there. This higher state of mind feels great, and acts as a countering compensation to the sad knowledge of now seeing things as they REALLY are, and having your perception of the desires of life turned upside down. Try it- what have you to lose? I only write this to try and help people- I have been in this unpleasant dark night/Dukkha Nanas state and it can suck the life out of you. Written with love.

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    1. Thanks for sharing, Chris. Focusing your attention on ‘God’ or the Ultimate (or however you want to see it) certainly helps. The only thing to be aware of is the possibility of spiritual bypass, especially if you’re deliberately trying to block out thoughts. Thoughts aren’t really the problem – but your attachment to them is. So you don’t have to block thoughts, just let them go and maintain focus on emptiness, Buddha nature, Christ consciousness, etc.



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