2017: The Year of Writing Better Stories

I kept trying to write this post but didn’t know what to say. How do you follow a year like 2016? What a mess! This upheaval has been a long time coming – there’s nothing strange or unexpected about it. If you understand how reality works, it all makes perfect sense. (Honest!)

People are freaking out because their stories are imploding – then again, it depends on what stories you believe in. The more rigid your worldview, the harder it will be for you to adapt to what’s coming. The reckoning and rebalance won’t arrive for a few years, but we’re on the way to some huge shifts in the collective consciousness due in 2020.

These are the last years of Empire. The old paradigms and worldviews no longer work. It’s time to let go of the past and allow our dysfunctional mindsets to transform as we move into the Aquarian Age. It doesn’t have to be a destructive process – more a kind of course correction. How it plays out is up to us.

This is a global dark night of the soul which is demanding that we embrace our collective shadow – not an easy, nice or comfortable process. But it is navigable. There is a way through into the light.

So if you’re freaking out right now, remember: this isn’t unusual. Life is just doing what life does – changing.

Don’t take it personally.

Life is always uncertain. Reality is constantly trying to deconstruct the stories you tell yourself in order to wake you up. That process is going to become even more urgent over the next decade or so.

So get used to the chaos – it’s the new normal.

The beauty of chaotic situations is that uncertainty contains many hidden possibilities. Everything is up in the air and you don’t know where it will land. This gives you some wiggle room for turning things around and co-creating a better future. You do this by remembering one simple thing:

You can’t master the world. You can only master yourself.

He waded through a river of shit… to freedom!

In the end, the only thing you have any real control over is your own mind and how you choose to respond to circumstances. And you do that by getting in alignment with your true Self and remembering who you are.

There are some basic foundational practices that can help with this. These are things you should probably be doing anyway, but it’s worth making sure that you follow through and actually do them. Taking care of yourself and maintaining inner alignment with your core Truth is even more important when life gets crazy.

These are my foundational practices:

  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Good diet
  • Rest
  • Fun stuff

Your list is probably similar. I don’t always manage to do everything on my list every day, and I may need to add a few things – like gratitude. And writing should probably be on it too 😉

During 2017, and the years that follow, be prepared to let go of anything in your life that no longer works – i.e. anything that increases your fear and makes you freak out. Keep your plans flexible and check in with yourself regularly to make adjustments to your path as necessary.

The best way to navigate through chaos is to go inwards and become as still as you can. Listen to your sovereign Voice and act from there so you’re active and receptive at the same time.

Ignore the bread and circuses – they’re not good for the Soul. The deliberate cultivation of fear and division, as we’ve seen throughout 2016 around the world, doesn’t serve anybody in the long run. Don’t allow yourself to get sidetracked or hijacked by the agenda of a culture that doesn’t have your best interests at heart. (If it even has a heart.)

What’s happening highlights the need for committed and honest spiritual practice. We must walk our talk.

If this collective dark night unfolds in a similar way to a personal dark night, it will get worse before it gets better. We will only rise once we’ve hit bottom – and, hard as it may be to believe, we’re not there yet.

Last year was a disappointment to me on many levels, but all part of a deeper process. I thought I’d hit bottom many years ago, but my Soul had other plans.

So my plan for 2017 is to write better stories. I have a non-fiction book to finish and a novel to rewrite (again), but I’ll also continue to deconstruct the stories I live inside.

I need more energy and resilience, both physically and mentally, to deal with what’s coming. On a personal level, I’ve got a challenging year ahead – a kind of line in the sand, change or die scenario, thanks to several transits hitting my natal Pluto and tons of Saturn action. I won’t get away with dodging the inevitable any more. Come 2020, none of us will.

On the blog over the next few weeks I’ll take a closer look at the archetypal patterns and cycles of change moving through the collective consciousness at this time. Then perhaps I’ll dig a little deeper into some of the myths that are collapsing and find a way to reframe reality with more user friendly stories.

Awakening is the end game so shoot for the stars – nothing else is worth the candle.


3 thoughts on “2017: The Year of Writing Better Stories

  1. Thanks for this, Jessica! “Life is just doing what life does- changing.” For me, anger and despair are red flags that I’m not trusting reality, and instead preferring my own personal delusion. If my story isn’t working, it’s probably time to let go of the story…

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