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Chiron: the Key to Healing in an Age of Transition

The world seems to be going through an existential crisis at the moment. The old order is collapsing and ghosts from the past are coming out of the cracks. It’s a shadow eruption of wounds that have been festering for centuries. But we can’t react like ghost busters and stuff them back into the unconscious and hope they go away or get bored. We need to heal.

The old order is collapsing because the myths of the Age of Pisces are unravelling under their own inherent contradictions. But the new myths of the Aquarian Age are still taking shape. We’re in transition between ages – neither one thing or another – and it’s making us crazy. But we can’t move forward until we’ve dealt with the consequences of the past.

The old materialist worldview has caused a lot of damage. Our consciousness is split, like the two fishes of Pisces forever swimming away from each other, one material fish and the other transcendent. We’re divided against ourselves – at war with each other and with reality itself.

This split between the spiritual and the material has been a long time in the making. You can see it in the mythology of sky gods taking over the earth-based goddess cults thousands of years ago. The split got progressively deeper over time and has created our toxic relationship to nature, the body, the realm of the instincts, and the feminine.

This development is perfectly captured in the myth of the Fall of Mankind, when Adam and Eve were booted out of Eden and forced to live on their wits in the big, bad world. The story symbolises, amongst other things, the moment we became aware of duality and conscious of our mortality. A terrible realisation, but a necessary one.

Our consciousness had to separate from fusion with nature and the unconscious, as represented by the ancient goddess cults. But the split has gone too far and we’ve drifted into dissociation. We’ve ended up repressing our instincts instead of including them in our experience.

It’s possible to heal this split, but you have to stop fighting yourself and turning the body and feelings into an enemy. It also means you can’t project the fear and hatred of your instincts onto others. This is what we’re experiencing now in an eruption of the Return of the Repressed.

Many are getting overwhelmed by the unconscious and acting out because they don’t have enough consciousness or self-awareness. The pain of old wounds is creating unbearable tension and this can make people lash out. In a way, it’s a kind of regression to an earlier form of consciousness. Rather than moving forward into healing, you go backwards and allow the unconscious to run the show.

The only way to heal the pain of old wounds is to bring them into the light by increasing the amount of consciousness. This doesn’t mean transcending the body or escaping it – that’s spiritual bypassing. It means turning towards your wounds with compassion and accepting the body as it is.

The key to healing the split in our consciousness can be found in the myths of Chiron, the Wounded Healer.

Chiron symbolises the wounding that can happen as a result of the unfairness of life. These wounds are often ancestral or collective in nature and embody the split between the spiritual and instinctual sides of your being. Chiron shows how you can heal this split and bring your spirit fully into the body – to spiritualise matter and fully incarnate as a divine human.

Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus, the two rulers of Aquarius, so he sits right at the edge of our personal experience. Barbara Hand Clow calls him the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ because he creates a connection between the personal and transpersonal planets. She says that until the discovery of Chiron in 1977, we were influenced by the outer planets unconsciously. But now we can tap into their energy consciously by transcending the ego.

For many, the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto still function through the unconscious. But if we can embrace the need for healing and actively work with our wounds, we can awaken to a more inclusive perspective or quality of perception.

The current chaos is initiating us into this new perspective. It’s a perspective that’s always present and available – it just takes a little effort to get there because the ego gets in the way. The time has come to transcend ego consciousness with its either/or ‘reasoning’ – there’s actually nothing reasonable about it!

Chiron was discovered almost 50 years ago – the length of its orbit – so it has made one complete trip around the zodiac since then. That means every sign has been thoroughly initiated and primed for the coming shift.

The transition is also served by the transits of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. Pluto is dredging our useless old crap up from the depths and Saturn is forcing us to take responsibility for it and actually change. Then next year, the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius kicks off the Great Mutation into the air cycle, spelling the end of the Age of Materialism and Empire. (Yay! – although don’t expect it to change overnight!)

Following that we have the Pluto return in the US horoscope marking the end of another era. Then in the middle of the next decade all the outer planets transit into air and fire signs: Pluto moves into Aquarius, Neptune into Aries, and Uranus into Gemini. Lift off!

And finally, Chiron returns to Taurus for the first time since it was discovered, bringing the reality of our wounds and neglected bodies crashing back into awareness.

So heal now and avoid the rush!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll have a closer look at Chiron and how the process of healing works. But we start with the archetypes and mythology in: The Story Behind Chiron.

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