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How to buy stuff on Payhip – an illustrated guide

Just a quick post to give you more details on how this newfangled Payhip thing works. The site isn’t well-known amongst book buyers but it’s a UK company that has been around for about 10 years. Many authors are starting to sell their books on Payhip, and that’s how I discovered it – via Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn.

My Payhip store showing newly added categories for easy browsing

Payhip is one of many e-commerce sites, like Etsy and Shopify, that specialises in selling digital products. Basically anything you can turn into a digital file, you can sell on the site, as well as memberships, coaching services and even physical products. The beauty of Payhip is there are no hidden fees and it costs nothing to set up your shop, so you can grow your store gradually. They take a 5% fee of every transaction to cover things like file management and delivery, plus the complicated business of collecting VAT for the EU.

There are loads of marketing tools and – as far as I can tell – excellent stats and integration with mailing lists and the like. Payments are handled by PayPal (who also take a fee) but you don’t need an account to shop there, and you can also set it up using Stripe. Product delivery is instant and so are the payments – which is great for me!

So how does it work? First up, visit the store and choose what you want to buy. Here are the buttons – note the Preview link which gives you a peek inside via a PDF file:

Click Buy Now to get one book and you’ll be taken directly to the Checkout which looks like this:

Tick the box that says ‘Send me product updates and offers via email’ if you want them – I won’t annoy or bombard you with spam! Then enter your email address so you can get the download files, and either pay via PayPal or enter your debit or credit card into the secure checkout. You don’t need a PayPal account to do this.

If you would like to buy more than one item, click Add to Cart on each one:

When you’re ready, click Checkout and you’ll be taken to the screen to enter your email, as above. In this case though, you can check the items in your cart by clicking ‘show my cart’ as below:

You can remove items if you want to, or click ‘Back’ to return to the Checkout screen, enter your email and pay. DON’T CLICK AWAY or close the screen at this point because there’s one more step that shows your items are ready for download:

If you haven’t signed up for updates via email, you can still do that here. Or click ‘Download Now’ which takes you to the download links on screen. So again, Don’t click away at this point! The download screen gives you all the links you need to download your files, like this:

The number of download buttons depends on the files that are available. If an item is only available in PDF there will be just one button for that item. If the item is available in several formats, you will see several buttons, one for each format. You can download whichever formats you want – any, or all of them.

Your download links will also be sent to your email address, so don’t worry if you miss this screen. The email will look something like this:

I used a special 100% off coupon to pay for these items to demonstrate this process! It’s how you test the checkout flow. As you can see, the email is the receipt for your order. The big green button marked ‘Download Now’ takes you to a download screen similar to the one just after the checkout, like this:

From here you can download your files up to 5 times – so don’t delete your email receipt! I’ll say that again:


Here’s another image showing the downloads remaining from another test run I did earlier:

Don’t panic if you miss any of these screens or lose your email receipt with the download links. Get in touch with me and I can send the receipt again – just make sure you get in touch using the same email address you used to buy your items so I can track your order.

Most people using the store so far seem to be having no problems. However, I have noticed a couple of people haven’t downloaded their items yet. If you’re having problems and need help with it, get in touch and I’ll see what I can do. There are loads of help pages on Payhip here that deal with how to transfer files to your devices, find your downloads, and more.

My books are mostly available as both PDF and EPUB files, while the free books are just PDFs. EPUB files are readable on any generic e-reader, as well as on Apple Books and devices like Kobo, and Nook. There are also EPUB readers available online, plus apps like Calibre. PDFs can be read on most devices and opened in Apple Books, Kindle, Kobo, and Nook.

You can also find answers to many questions on my FAQ page here. Please read the refund terms and conditions here. And the Contact form to get in touch is here.

Thanks for visiting my Payhip store and Happy reading!


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