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Planning 2022 with Astrology – my rambling notes

Welcome to 2022! Many of you may be hoping to get back to normal this year. That may or may not be possible, depending on your definition of normal and where you live. Personally, my plan is to return to what I know works and stop getting distracted by the metastasising psychosis running rampant through what’s left of civilisation. Came across this genius meme while doom-scrolling on Twitter and it sums up the mood perfectly:

this works for Venus retrograde conjunct Pluto too!

We have entered new territory and the old maps don’t work, so how do we find our way? The best way (in my opinion) is to turn inwards and consult the soul and tune in to the guidance of the cosmos. One way of doing that is via my Astro Journal 2022 book, or something similar.

I have a confession: I created the book for myself so I could keep track of my transits and note what happens. There are various personalised diaries, reports and almanacs that are available – which are useful – but they often don’t have much space in them to record events and synchronicities and the like. I’ve been tracking my transits for years in an ad hoc kind of way and wanted to be better organised – so the book was born!

Those of you who have bought a copy (thank you! 🙏) will have noticed that I haven’t delineated every single alignment each month. I may regret that later – and perhaps I’ll do next year’s book differently (if I do it at all) – but my reasoning at the time was sound: how relevant a transit is depends on the individual chart and covering every possibility is impossible.

For example, look at the latest astrological doings, such as the excellent list on Evolving Door, and ask yourself: Is everyone feeling like this? Will everybody have the same experience during this transit?

Obviously not. So what’s the point of all this astrology? How does it work? What makes a transit relevant to you or not? Does it even work at all?

To answer these questions, you need to watch the transits as they fly past and make notes. The more you do this, the easier it will be to see exactly how transits affect you – where the hits and misses are, and what to watch out for. You might notice that certain transits pass you by without any effect at all, while others hit you hard or take you by surprise.

For example, next week (on 11th UT) the Sun and Mars will both align with Neptune – the Sun by sextile from Capricorn, and Mars by square from Sagittarius. This could be a good day for imaginative and creative work, as well as spiritual practice and listening to your intuition. But the Mars alignment could undermine energy levels or lead you astray with deception or escapism.

However, neither of these alignments plug into my chart directly so I’m not expecting or planning anything. If I notice my energy dip on that day, I probably won’t attribute it to this alignment – it’s more likely to be that I haven’t slept well because Uranus transiting my third house is keeping me awake with crazy ideas!

However, on the previous day, Mercury sextiles Chiron while conjunct my Ascendent, so that might be something I choose to work with. It could be a good day to think and/or write about my wounds and healing process. A few days later, Mercury stations retrograde right on my Ascendent at 10° Aquarius, so that’s something I’ll definitely need to pay attention to.

Normally, I don’t notice most of the daily transits that flit by. They usually reflect passing moods and will occasionally trigger something more interesting. However, my chart has a lot of placements in fixed signs so I’ve been feeling the strain of the Saturn Uranus square and the pressure won’t be letting up any time soon – I’m getting absolutely hammered!

My chart – this is what I’m working with, or trying to!

Last year it was the turn of my Aquarius Ascendent and Leo Moon, and in 2022 it shifts round to my Saturn in Taurus. And the eclipses should be fun: the first one in April is exactly square my Ascendent and Moon in a T-square, then in May, the Full Moon eclipse opposes my Saturn and conjuncts my Neptune. In October, the partial eclipse in Scorpio is exactly conjunct my Jupiter, and the final eclipse in November is widely conjunct my Saturn.

All this happens as Uranus slowly moves towards a conjunction with my natal Saturn in 2023. It’s in orb all through 2022 so every transit that hits the Saturn Uranus square will give my Saturn a prod. The north node will also move over that spot and sits on my Saturn from April to June – a karmic moment, and I have no idea what to expect. Obviously, I need to make some big structural changes and the universe has no intention of letting me sit this one out!

In terms of major personal transits, my year isn’t that heavy. Last year, Jupiter entered my first house and Saturn began to toggle back and forth over my Ascendant and fully entered my first house in December. So the early part of 2022 involves finishing off the transits that are winding down: Saturn conjunct Ascendent and opposite the Moon, Uranus square the Ascendent and Moon, and my Chiron return. That’s all done bar the shouting by the spring – just in time for a new beginning when Jupiter enters Aries.

The Pluto trine to my natal Pluto has one more year to run and he inches around to trine my Mercury and sextile Neptune in 2022, which I’m looking forward to. And the Neptune sextile to my Saturn also continues for another year. The main addition is the Saturn square to itself – the final square before my Saturn return.

This brings up an important point. Tracking your transits isn’t just about what’s happening right now. It also matters how those transits relate to earlier parts of the cycle and into the future. So my Saturn square Saturn in 2022 relates back to the opposition that happened in 2014, and my first Saturn return in 2000, as well as to the coming Saturn return in 2029.

Perhaps I’ll share some of my notes on the cycles I’ve experienced so far to show how they work – if I can find them, scattered amongst my various notebooks and diaries – hence the need for the Astro Journal!

(Who says Virgos are organised?! I used to be, but then Neptune crossed my Ascendent and I’ve been a borderline basket case since 😜)

Anyway, aside from the heavy Saturn stuff, I also have a lot of interesting developments in my progressions for 2022, mostly associated with Venus. My progressed Mercury will be conjunct my Venus in Libra, while progressed Mars enters Libra, and progressed Venus stations retrograde while 3° away from opposing my Saturn. It may not be a coincidence that my Saturn is in Taurus which is ruled by Venus.

It’s almost as if the timing is planned…

My favourite Saturnian meme

Before you make a plan for the year, it’s a good idea to assess each area of your chart to see how things are going. My chart assessment brought up various things I need to deal with, mainly ‘caused’ by Saturn’s visit to my 12th house along with Pluto. Health and aging issues have come up, and my changing relationship to the world thanks to the ongoing dark night process.

Pluto remains in my 12th house until 2029, although I might start getting clues to the future when he dips into Aquarius next year. Saturn has now crossed into my first house so this should give me the discipline I need to rebuild my strength and improve my energy levels. I’ve been getting distracted by the madness in the world and using that as an excuse to avoid my own transformation. With Uranus conjunct my Saturn in 2023, it’s now or never. It’s time to overhaul my whole approach.

I also need to find a way to increase my income and perhaps expand my business or get a job, or both. Neptune in my 2nd house might cause some cashflow problems, but Jupiter joins him and that should help me to improve my skills and increase my self-confidence. I’m hoping to ride the wave of Jupiter in Aries all the way to the bank, as long as Neptune doesn’t send me up the garden path instead!

Uranus in my 3rd house is filling my head with lots of ideas and plans for new books to write but I need more focus to make better use of them. Saturn should help me to be practical and stop messing about and wasting time. However, I can’t launch anything into the world until April because the long Venus Mars conjunction falls in my 12th house and doesn’t cross my Ascendent until the end of March. So watch this space!

In the meantime, I’ll share some of my progressions research and experience with transits and their cycles over the coming weeks…

What are your astrological plans for 2022?

13 thoughts on “Planning 2022 with Astrology – my rambling notes

      1. oh no! i never make any, i can’t.

        pisces sun likes to go with the flow, the cap moon says don’t expect nothing good, you work and all goes pear shape, the pluto aspects have me in survival stress state. at least that’s how i think it might be.
        cap mars is paralysed, leo asc covers it all up in public.
        and this is when there’s no heavy pluto/chiron and what not transits.
        just now buying a car has become a quest/odyssey.
        and the ”i’m going to legit die” feeling without one is ludicrous but very real.
        i had this once before, in the 80s, in the middle of a seminar with a tibetan monk maybe?! my car broke down on the way, and i was having a meltdown in the middle of a meditating session.
        life and death, at least then i was needing it for work, now i barely leave the hose but no public transport, semirural, just shopping and so on, needing taxis.
        a lot of my ” independent woman who needs no one ” is tied to car.
        i need a good cry.
        i’be been driving mine despite issues and realised in the middle of the night that the nct has been up these last 2 weeks and i could have got in trouble despite appointment months in advance,before i knew i could not get parts [ 21 years old] , so how can i even look at cars now?!
        ask for help! that alone gives me palpitations.
        here’s what liz greene has to say re chiron, in case you’re interested. and if you know how careful she words things you’ll realise how series it is when she says ”This is one of the most unpleasant influences of all ‘ …

        This is one of the most unpleasant influences of all, requiring a strong and courageous willingness to change in order to gain any personal benefit from experiences which might, at first, seem senseless and painful. You will repeatedly feel uneasy in unexpected situations in which you felt you had already overcome any problems. This will affect many areas of your life, but particularly the relationship with your partner. If you don’t happen to be in a stable relationship at this time then your close friendships will be affected. This influence will also strongly influence your relationships with father-figures, superiors and any other kinds of authority – whether spiritual, religious or ideological.

        Any form of therapy will now make you aware of your vulnerabilities. Confronting the darker side of the psyche can be a devastating experience that can uncover abysses within us which we never knew existed. Despite everything, try resisting the temptation to withdraw in order to avoid such experiences. This is not the time to be proud or strong. Pause to reflect, and try talking things over with someone – you will be amazed at the amount of sympathy and understanding you encounter. Accept any offers of help – you may discover that this is not so unpleasant after all. Your current experiences will make you aware of the fallibility of human nature, thus helping you to be more tolerant with yourself.

        The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
        Chiron square Saturn, ,
        activity period beginning of May 2022 until beginning of February 2024

        this seems positively begin ..

        Act quickly
        Valid during many months: This influence can help you to reconcile your personal needs with those of others. If you now have the courage and single-mindedness to stick up for your own interests you can expect support from others. Having experienced that acting in your own interests does not have to mean being inconsiderate or reckless will help you greatly in the future. You won’t encounter any resistance or rivalry if you stand up for things which correspond to your inner nature.

        You may now have to deal with past events which undermined your self-confidence, leaving you feeling weak and inadequate. Such experiences can be extremely painful. In order to avoid similar rejections in the future many people withdraw into themselves, being prepared to go to great lengths to conceal their true feelings. Although this might help them to avoid further pain, it also prevents them from fulfilling their dreams, and decreases their vitality. You might now receive an offer at work or in your personal life which is both tempting and challenging, but also a certain amount of apprehension and trepidation. Do not hesitate! Do not miss this opportunity to finally do something that you have only dreamed of doing up until now. This could be revitalizing, helping you to place more trust in your own instincts. These will take you to the right places at the right times, helping you to express your true self, while enabling you to use your abilities in a way which is beneficial to others.

        Chiron trine Ascendant, ,
        activity period mid-April 2022 until end of March 2023

        along with pluto mc/mars, idk. there’s no end.

        considering all of this i am doing quite well.

        maybe i’m high on exhaustion 🙂
        maybe it’s all that lorie ladd watching and meditating/shifting.

        when i say meditate … i do sit still for ac while 🙂

        i hope you do well and when i have things sorted i’ll buy you a whole pot of coffee.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. You’re one of the best astrological writers around – a humble Virgo with Saturn in Taurus. You could be making millions if this was on Patreon. That could be one way to make your millions? Aquarius community driven approach! My moon is 23 Taurus and Saturn 22 Scorpio BTW! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your thought-provoking Travolta meme is lacking an image of an astrologer with frazzled hair, buried in a mess of astrological papers, all of her notes on various aspects, as she struggles to make sense of it all. It’s not really something new, but even I am now (and usually) uncertain what to think or believe without sitting down with someone who can accurately visualize everything and then chart/document it. Without accuracy, we might as well be picking football teams; right? 😛 Rah rah Sagittarius U. Go Centaurs.

    Back to my first line; I’m not sure what I should interpret from the Travolta meme. In Grease, he’s failing to connect with Sandy at the drive-in; and, in Pulp Fiction, he’s on edge, sitting next to Uma’s character who might be screwing with him. What do both photos represent, regarding those years? Naive and careless in 2019; cynical and defensive in 2022?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think you’re overthinking the meme – but yes, as you said at the end: innocent in 2019 and put through the wringer by 2022 (the image is from after she overdosed).

      You’re right about the hair too!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. i only ever pay attention to personal transits. no energy for more. and i’ve plenty to go on with. i also find that the moon affects me strongly, to the point where i can almost pinpoint it to the minute, but usually a few hours before aka it’s over when it’s exact. this has saved me a few times especially re moon/mars, and moon pluto.
    but yews, keeping a journal is a great idea.

    Liked by 2 people


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