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The Astrology of 2022

I hope you’re enjoying the apocalypse because it won’t be ending any time soon! As Ethne says in The Shining Ones, this “laborious disintegration” is how the world ends. But, of course, it’s not the end of the world, just the end of the old order. And as it falls apart, we must deal with the consequences while navigating the final year of the Saturn Uranus square. Here are the main events for 2022:

Note: the dates listed in this post may be slightly different in your time zone. And as always, major transits and alignments may only be significant for you if they directly activate your horoscope.

The astrology of 2022 is underscored by the Saturn Uranus square which had its final exact alignment on 24 December 2021. They remain in orb throughout 2022, moving apart into the spring and closer again into the autumn. Saturn has had the upper hand since 2021, keeping us locked in a holding pattern. But now Uranus is joined by the north node in Taurus and the energy changes, becoming even more disruptive and unpredictable. More here.

Although the mean nodes shifted signs on 23 December 2021, the true north node enters Taurus on 18 January 2022, the same day that Uranus stations direct (in some time zones). This could trigger shocks to the financial system and/or further disruptions to supply chains, food and energy distribution, and so on.

The Saturn Uranus square forms a T-Square with the nodes and will be triggered all year by any planet moving through the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. But things will really kick off once Uranus and the north node are within orb of being conjunct from late April. The exact conjunction happens on 31 July and Mars joins them the next day. This marks the turning point of the year – we won’t be able to avoid change from this point forwards.

The first half of the year provides plenty of opportunities for making positive changes to your life, so take advantage of it. Jupiter goes back into Pisces on 29 December 2021, and Venus goes direct at the end of January. There’s a long Venus Mars conjunction that runs from February into early April in Capricorn and Aquarius, and several Jupiter alignments to enjoy.

After the eclipse at the end of April, the energy shifts as Jupiter enters Aries (hold on to your hats!), followed by the eclipse in May. Then things really start to get interesting as the Uranus conjunction to the north node closes in. The Saturn Uranus square grinds closer together into October, when Jupiter pops back into Pisces for a final goodbye, and Mars stations retrograde in Gemini.

Let’s have a closer look at some of these alignments…

Saturn Uranus Square

This is the final square in the cycle that began in 1988 and it runs from 2020 to 2023. The exact alignments were in 2021 and this year the planets are close but not exact to the minute. The square forms by degree at 18°Taurus/Aquarius on 2 – 12 October.

Alignments between Saturn and Uranus represent periods of radical change and disruption to the status quo. It’s a good time to break out of old habits that have become too restrictive and make creative changes to the structures of your life. These periods coincide with a crisis in consciousness that can lead to awakenings, breakthroughs and/or breakdowns.

We’ve already seen a lot of disruption and unpredictable changes around the world, with an emphasis on the tension between security and freedom. This will continue with a rise in civil unrest and uprisings against the disproportionate reactions to events, particularly against structures that seek too much control.

Uranus in Taurus has brought shock and disruption to multiple areas of our lives, revealing the hollowness of ‘western’ values and its hypocrisy. Globalism continues to collapse – both the ideology and the practical logistics of it – and the financial bubble it relies on may (finally) be about to burst. The epicentre of that implosion will probably be the EU as its chart is in the firing line of the new eclipse cycle, especially its packed Scorpio 4th house.

Meanwhile, Saturn in Aquarius reveals how globalism has squished the individual and created too much homogenisation between cultures. The idea, I suppose, was to produce stability and world peace. But it’s created the opposite because the individual sovereign soul is the source of true creativity and life in a human society. If you suppress that, you kill the culture. Humanity is now fighting back and this year, the tide may turn with Uranus but there are no guarantees.

More here: Saturn Uranus Square: freedom or slavery – time to choose

Saturn in Aquarius

This is the final full year of this transit which ends on 7 March 2023 when Saturn enters Pisces. Saturn is at home in his own sign and has been imposing strict social rules and reforms using technology which has triggered civil unrest and revolution around the world. These reforms will continue but are likely to be disrupted by the intervention of Uranus and the north node in Taurus.

At best, this represents an opportunity to radically change the structures and rules of society to create a better world for everyone – not just the rich. So the increasing inequality and unfair political systems around the world will feed into the revolutionary uprisings that are already in motion.

More here: Saturn in Aquarius: Social Reform and Identity Politics

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter enters Pisces on 29 December 2021 and stays until 10 May 2022 when he dips into Aries. He returns to Pisces for a final time on 28 October to 20 December. Jupiter is happy in his own sign, expanding the imagination and feelings of compassion, joy, faith and hope. It’s a good time for healing, spiritual practice and creativity, with increased sensitivity and intuition.

However, it can also indicate a tendency to be overwhelmed by too much emotion or deceived by illusions, whether self-deception or by others. You may want to use this energy to escape the harshness of reality using alcohol and drugs, or other forms of escapism. Even spirituality can be abused in this way, but since Pisces is Jupiter’s own sign, it should manifest more of the positive qualities, unless it transits a tricky spot in your chart.

Jupiter sextile Uranus

This is the final sextile in the cycle that started in 2010 and ends with the conjunction in 2024. The sextile becomes exact on 18 February but is exact by degree from 17–21 and in orb for the whole of February and into early March.

Alignments between Jupiter and Uranus represent periods of progressive change and the expansion of consciousness. There are often many breakthroughs and discoveries in science and technology, as well as creative and social awakenings, revolutions, political rebellions, and new beginnings.

This transit supports the Saturn Uranus square encouraging innovative solutions and great optimism and hope for the future. It’s a good time to trust your instincts and make creative changes to the structures of your life that will lead to greater freedom and new horizons.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune

This is the end of the cycle that started in 2009 and the start of a new cycle in Pisces. The alignment becomes exact on 12 April but will be conjunct by degree from 7–17 and in orb from late March to early May. Sensitive types may feel this alignment building as soon as Jupiter enters Pisces at the end of December in 2021.

Alignments between Jupiter and Neptune represent periods of great idealism and faith, big dreams, visions and increased imagination. Jupiter boosts all things Neptunian which can be highly enjoyable or incredibly confusing, or both. There may be issues around water and flooding, and problems with escapism and addictions of all kinds.

It’s a good time for meditation and spiritual practice, and your dreams could inspire creative work, as well as the desire to help others in acts of great compassion and generosity. But watch out for unrealistic expectations and self-deception and illusions, and don’t gamble with what you can’t afford to lose. More here.

Jupiter sextile Pluto

This is the first sextile in the cycle that started in 2020 with the conjunction in Capricorn. The sextile becomes exact on 3 May but is exact by degree from 1–5 and in orb from late April to mid-May, overlapping slightly with the Jupiter Neptune conjunction.

Alignments between Jupiter and Pluto represent periods of expansion and growth in wealth and resources, boosting feelings of ambition and the desire to get ahead and gain power. There may be power struggles with authorities, but as this is a harmonious alignment, you should be able to make positive use of the energies.

It’s a good time to reform the parts of your life touched by the transit, and you could gain greater insight into how your life works, release unconscious blockages and integrate shadow complexes. You may also find hidden resources or gifts that you can use to expand your personal power.

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter enters Aries on 10 May and stays until 28 October when he dips back into Pisces for a final visit. He returns to Aries on 20 December until May 2023. The energy of this transit is very different to Jupiter in Pisces and you should notice when the ingress happens – you may want to brace yourself!

Jupiter in Aries expands the need for self-expression and assertion, and the need for the individual to be first. It boosts self-confidence and courage, giving you a strong desire to take action towards some goal or quest. It’s a good time to follow your instincts, believe in yourself and go after positive opportunities that come up in the Aries part of your chart.

The energy of this time is fiery and restless and should provide a huge burst of motivation and inspiration. But you may also push too hard, becoming insensitive and impatient, especially if you’re already overly confident. You could get yourself in trouble by jumping into things without thinking them through, so try to slow down and count to ten – and be careful with fire and sharp pointy things!

More here: Jupiter in Aries: expansion through self-belief and courage

Moon Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio

The north node enters Taurus on 18 January 2022 and will leave on 17 July 2023. This means the eclipses are in fixed signs and will trigger the Saturn Uranus square, adding to the disruption and general mayhem of the year. The first eclipse of this cycle happened in November 2021 with the partial lunar eclipse in Taurus. Both of the Taurus eclipses in 2022 will be conjunct Uranus – here are the full dates:

  • Partial solar eclipse on 30 April at 10° Taurus
  • Total lunar eclipse on 16 May at 25° Scorpio
  • Partial solar eclipse on 25 October at 2° Scorpio
  • Total lunar eclipse on 8 November at 16° Taurus

With the nodes in Taurus and Scorpio there could be economic shocks and sudden reversals, continued disruptions to energy and supply chains, land grabs and wealth hoarding – greed gone wild. The north node in Taurus increases the desire for security and stability, while the south node in Scorpio reveals the issues that need to be released, such as abuse of power, corruption, secrecy, and the fear of death.

Both Taurus and Scorpio are protective and stubborn, and they’re both concerned with security and wealth, either physical (Taurus) or emotional (Scorpio). The idea is to discover where your true wealth and security reside and where they come from. Look at how you use your resources, both inner and outer, and find ways to become more self-sufficient.

Check your chart to see if any of these eclipses activate important points in your horoscope. You may find the house axis is more relevant to your experience than the signs. Jessica Adams has a very interesting post on the nodes and karma here: Fixed Signs in Changing Times

Retrogrades in 2022

The year begins with Venus retrograde in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, and she goes direct at the end of January, having her final conjunction with Pluto in March. Here are the dates for the whole cycle:

  • 18 November 2021: enters retrograde shadow at 11° Capricorn
  • 19 December 2021: turns retrograde at 26° Capricorn
  • 9 January 2022: inferior conjunction with Sun at 18° Capricorn
  • 29 January 2022: turns direct at 11° Capricorn
  • 2 March 2022: leaves retrograde shadow at 26° Capricorn

This is an opportunity to evaluate your relationships, business partnerships, finances, creative projects, and feelings of inner value and self-worth. Don’t take anything for granted because your feelings may change once Venus moves direct. So it’s unwise to invest or spend large sums of money on anything now, or get married or start a new relationship.

Check your chart to see which area needs re-evaluating. For more read: A Guide to Stealing Fire During Venus Retrograde

This year we also have Mars retrograde in Gemini which runs from September to the end of the year and beyond. Mars enters Gemini on 20 August and stays there for six months until March 2023. It also forms a long square to Neptune from September until mid-December, with two exact alignments in October and November. Mars square Neptune helps you to act on your dreams and visions but also creates confusion and undermines energy levels – and the retrograde could make that worse. Here are the dates for the retrograde:

  • 4 September 2022: enters retrograde shadow at 8° Gemini
  • 30 October 2022: turns retrograde at 25° Gemini
  • 8 December 2022: Sun opposite Mars at 16° Sagittarius/Gemini
  • 12 January 2023: stations direct at 8° Gemini
  • 16 March 2023: leaves retrograde shadow at 25° Gemini

When Mars stations retrograde your energy levels may go down as it turns inwards and away from being invested in worldly goals. You might begin to doubt yourself or feel unclear about what you want or how to achieve your desires. Now is the time to re-evaluate goals and how you take action in your life. You can assess how you’re getting on with various projects and initiatives, and make necessary changes.

Check your chart to see which area needs re-evaluating. For more read: A Guide to Stealing Fire During Mars Retrograde

Finally, this year Mercury retrograde is starting to shift from air into earth signs. These periods are a good time to rethink your relationships and how you communicate and how your thinking influences the quality of your connection to others. You may also need to consider security issues and practical problems around resources, health, work, and finances, depending on the areas of your chart that are affected. Here are the dates for each cycle:

  • 29 December 2021: enters retrograde shadow at 24° Capricorn
  • 14 January 2022: stations retrograde at 10° Aquarius
  • 23 January: inferior conjunction with the Sun at 3° Aquarius
  • 4 February: stations direct at 24° Capricorn
  • 24 February: leaves retrograde shadow at 10° Aquarius
  • 2 April: superior conjunction with the Sun at 12° Aries


  • 26 April: enters retrograde shadow at 26° Taurus
  • 10 May: stations retrograde at 4° Gemini
  • 21 May: inferior conjunction with the Sun at 0° Gemini
  • 3 June: stations direct at 26° Taurus
  • 18 June: leaves retrograde shadow at 4° Gemini
  • 16 July: superior conjunction with the Sun at 24° Cancer


  • 20 August: enters retrograde shadow at 24° Virgo
  • 10 September: stations retrograde at 8° Libra
  • 23 September: inferior conjunction with the Sun at 0° Libra
  • 2 October: stations direct at 24° Virgo
  • 17 October: leaves retrograde shadow at 8° Libra
  • 8 November: superior conjunction with the Sun at 16° Scorpio


  • 12 December: enters retrograde shadow at 8° Capricorn
  • 29 December: stations retrograde at 24° Capricorn
  • 7 January 2023: inferior conjunction with the Sun at 16° Capricorn
  • 18 January 2023: stations direct at 8° Capricorn
  • 7 February 2023: leaves retrograde shadow at 24° Capricorn
  • 17 March 2023: superior conjunction with the Sun at 26° Pisces

Check your chart to see which areas could get disrupted. For more read: A Guide to Stealing Fire During Mercury Retrograde

For more on the astrology of 2022 you may be interested in the Astro Journal 2022, a workbook for astrologers to help you plan your year and keep track of events. It’s available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon, or from my Payhip store here.

For a more in-depth look at 2022, check out the long (!) Astrology Podcast forecast, if you haven’t already. And for geopolitical developments, you can’t beat Austin Coppock on Rune Soup here.

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