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The Saturn Uranus Square: freedom or slavery – time to choose

Last time we looked at the archetypes and history of Saturn Uranus alignments to see how they work. In this post we’ll explore possible events going forward and how to deal with the tension between these planets.

The current alignment is the final square in the cycle that began in 1988 and ends in 2032. It runs from 2020 to 2023 and there are three exact aspects formed between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus in February, June and December 2021. They’re close again in October 2022 but don’t form an exact alignment. Here are the dates for your diary:

  • 17 February 2021
  • 15 June 2021
  • 24 December 2021
  • 1–12 October 2022

As we saw in the last post, Saturn Uranus alignments represent periods of radical change and disruption to the status quo. They’re good times to break out of old habits and patterns that have become too restrictive and limiting. Any structures in your life that no longer serve a useful or creative purpose can be dismantled and reformed – and you might not have much choice in the matter.

Uranus is disruptive but also creative. It stops life from becoming too static and stagnant by awakening new ideas and possibilities. When he aligns with Saturn, it triggers a crisis in consciousness that shatters your previous perspective and forces you to find a new way forward.

The hard alignments are periods of forced growth and change – resistance is futile! – but that doesn’t mean all change is good. When you embrace change for its own sake it often means nothing really changes because it’s too superficial. The old order remains unaffected, storing up problems for next time.

It’s also important to recognise the difference between old structures that are good and useful and necessary, and those that are repressive or worn out. If you don’t, you could end up getting rid of things you need – like civil liberties, for example.

Ultimately, these alignments are about freedom, but that doesn’t mean doing whatever you want.

For life, and civilisation, to function well you need a balance between freedom and structure – Uranus and Saturn. Without good boundaries and limits, freedom can be taken too far and it becomes destructive. Equally, with too much control, life can’t flourish because creativity is stifled.

When these two planets get together the results are often unpredictable and that causes a lot of fear and resistance. But giving in to the fear blocks access to your higher Self and intuition, and that stops you seeing positive ways through the confusion. Resistance is just Saturn digging in his heels and holding on to the past.

However, some fears should be acknowledged and heeded. They could be a red flag showing you that something is wrong – perhaps you’re in danger or there’s a problem you need to address. If your house is on fire, you don’t sit there and accept the flames and think positive thoughts – you get out!

Perhaps the hardest part of Saturn Uranus alignments is the amount of tension and stress that gets stirred up. You may feel stuck and energised at the same time – forced into a corner and under pressure to do something, but you don’t know what.

The stress pushes you to act to relieve the inner tension but this can lead to mistakes, as well as accidents and erratic behaviour that gets you in trouble. You could end up making the wrong changes, or even the right changes at the wrong time, and make things worse.

The best way to approach this time is to remain as flexible and adaptable as you can. Stay open to change and new ideas but don’t jump at the first opportunity that comes up. Always check the facts and make sure you’re not being misled by fear. Take time out to relax and meditate – physical practices like yoga and Chi Kung can help to manage the tension – and trust your intuition, but remember to test it against reality first.

Read Saturn transits to Uranus for more on how these planets combine.

Saturn Uranus alignments are tricky to navigate at the best of times, but this one is happening at a pivotal point in history. The period for this square coincides with the Saturn Pluto conjunction that we’re currently enjoying. But it also coincides with the Pluto return in the US chart (2021-24), which is interesting in light of the ongoing power grab and attack on the constitution.

Since the start of this cycle in 1988 we’ve seen the restructuring of the world economy along neoliberal lines and the financialisation of pretty much everything in a process of globalisation. The world is now dominated by transnational corporations run by a handful of ludicrously wealthy individuals.

This square is waning so it represents the final phase of the cycle before it ends in 2032. That means this is a period of dissolution and endings preparing the way for whatever comes next.

What happens now will have a big impact on how the balance of power shifts towards decentralised control and the end of Western dominance of the economy, or towards a doubling down on globalism and a One World Government, or some kind of hybrid. So far, the one-two punch of Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter and Saturn-Uranus has given us:

  • A virus pandemic with socioeconomic implications ongoing
  • A stock market crash that looks worse than the 2008 crash and is already being compared to the Great Depression of the 30s
  • A massive rise in unemployment due to the shutting down of the economy and the closure of small businesses
  • A collapse in the price of oil and the destabilisation of the energy industry
  • A collapse of air travel, tourism and the hospitality industry
  • An almost worldwide lockdown involving quarantine, travel bans and grounded planes, social distancing, and the rise of martial law in some countries

I’m not going to get into the ins and outs of the virus because it’s a bottomless pit of speculation and that way madness lies. Hopefully clarity will return as the immediate effects of the pandemic recede.

But whatever you believe, the virus (Pluto) is causing massive disruption and chaos (Uranus) and is threatening the structures of society (Saturn). Our response – or hysterical reaction – has been to clampdown hard (Saturn) to choke the virus out and stop it spreading.

However, by effectively shutting down the economy, we’ve triggered a recession that will deepen into a depression over the coming months (and probably years). Many more people could suffer and die as a result of our reaction to the virus than from the disease itself – and it’s already happening.

It’s hard to call at this stage because it’s an ongoing catastrophe. But the struggle to find the right balance between control and freedom is classic Saturn Uranus territory – and the alignment is only just getting warmed up.

this is silly but you might like to read these books/watch these films for insight into current events

How things unfold from this point onwards depends on various factors, including how this alignment sits within the dynamics created by all the other alignments currently in play. We may get some clues by looking at the astrology of the 1930s because it’s similar to what we’re experiencing now, although the alignments are more spaced out this time.

We’re coming to the end of the Uranus Pluto square (2007–2020) while Saturn conjuncts Pluto, and as that fades out the Saturn Uranus square fades in. Back in the 30s, the Uranus Pluto square coincided with an opposition from Saturn to both Uranus and Pluto. In Cosmos and Psyche, Richard Tarnas says this era saw:

“widespread social and political turmoil, catalysing of mass movements, rise of radical political philosophies and parties, intensified labour unrest, student strikes and demonstrations, unleashed mob violence, and mass immigrations.”

Saturn Uranus destabilises political and economic structures, while Pluto pushes things to extremes with authoritarian controls and rising poverty and hardship. In the 30s, the economic collapse added fuel to Hitler and the Nazis, ultimately leading to the second World War. Richard Tarnas again:

“the many instances in which events that occurred during a longer Uranus Pluto alignment set in motion powerful forces that later, after that alignment was over, suddenly reached a crisis or breaking point, a critical collapse of structures, precisely when Saturn moved into hard aspect with Uranus.”

Which is what we’re experiencing now – but the exact alignment doesn’t hit until February 2021. He goes on:

“Often this sequence took the form of emancipatory or dissident forces emerging on a wide scale during the earlier Uranus Pluto alignment, then subsequently producing a violent schism in the body politic.”

The recent Uranus Pluto square coincided with the rise of revolutionary uprisings and the slow unravelling of globalism. There’s been an increase in disillusionment with governments and state authorities around the world, and a widespread call for reform and social justice, as well as greater awareness of our impact on the environment and the consequences of capitalism.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction brought the coronavirus crashing into a reality that was already unstable and unsustainable. The panicked response to the crisis has revealed systemic corruption, deception and manipulation all designed to funnel wealth into the hands of a minority at the expense of everyone else, including the earth.

And the Saturn Uranus square looks set to collapse any structure that’s no longer fit for purpose. Clearly the system needs reform (or a total overhaul), but we need to look closely at who benefits from the changes being proposed. Constant surveillance, mandated vaccines, a digital economy and universal basic income run by AI are not a recipe for freedom – at least, not for the majority.

How this plays out around the world depends on local conditions and the nature of the culture in specific countries. So we could see more freedom in some places and less in others.

The West is in decline and that will influence how those governments respond. It could trigger necessary reforms, but whether the new system is better than the old depends on us being clear about what kind of world we want to live in – and then demanding it while we still can.

They Live – get your glasses on!

The current situation is unprecedented in its scale but in many ways what we’re seeing now isn’t new. The thinking behind the events represent business as usual for the system. Manipulating data and statistics to create fear in order to introduce dubious solutions has been done before.

For example, during the Saturn Uranus square of 1975-77, a swine flu epidemic in the US led to the creation of a vaccine that caused serious health problems because it was rushed into use and not tested properly. More recently, the Saturn Uranus opposition in 2008-10 coincided with an overhyped H1N1 pandemic that turned out to be no worse than seasonal flu.

The current crisis reveals the dangers of misusing mathematical modelling based on questionable assumptions and incomplete or inaccurate data. It shows what happens when people blindly follow experts and fall into the fallacy of misplaced concreteness, or reification. In other words, they confuse the map with the territory.

Science isn’t infallible – it can be manipulated and misused – and the answers you get depend on who’s paying. Imperial College announced their massively inflated death forecast and the world fell into lockstep. Who paid for their research? The Gates Foundation (amongst others) – the very people who stand to benefit from making a vaccine for the virus, and their track record is appalling.

So what’s going on? I don’t know – obviously! – but we can guess based on trends and previous behaviour.

When you track the money, it seems clear that the numbers are being wilfully distorted to induce panic and create the pretext for a managed economic collapse – a controlled demolition of freedom. The globalist system is unravelling and this is a final desperate attempt to regain control and prevent decentralisation.

Capitalism is cannibalising itself – it’s just the logic of the system – and it’s looking for fresh victims. It needs fuel to run its regime, a new bubble to inflate to drive wealth creation.

Enter the Green New Deal and the financialisation of nature via carbon credits/ taxes and surveillance capitalism. Enter the hive mind of the Borg and ‘communitarianism’. Enter the digital gulag. In the words of Winston Smith in 1984:

“To the future or to the past, to a time when thought is free, when men are different from one another and do not live alone – to a time when truth exists and what is done cannot be undone: From the age of uniformity, from the age of solitude, from the age of Big Brother, from the age of doublethink – greetings!”

how people react when you behave like a human being these days

Now for the good news:

The technocratic One World Government will fail because it goes against the nature of reality. The mindset that underpins the globalist system is based on scientific materialism and social Darwinism. They want to create the perfect society by collecting data and measuring everything and weeding out the weak.

If they know everything they can become gods! They can solve the problems of humanity by eliminating disease and death! They can upload their consciousness into machines and live forever!

This is idealistic and insane. Humanity isn’t a problem that needs to be solved, and neither is death. Anyone who understands metaphysics knows that – and the metaphysics of the collective consciousness is about to shift with the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. Scientific materialism is finished.

However, that doesn’t mean the next few years will be easy.

The globalists (or rulers/parasites/psychopaths/imperialist wankers – pick a slur) won’t go down without a fight. People with power never give up their power and they never reform their systems in favour of the ruled. Remember that when they come offering gifts. As Gordon White said in a recent newsletter:

“The imperial powers do not fuck around. They literally killed God. It didn’t take, though. It never does.”

By acting on this virus, the powers that be have revealed their plan. The curtain has been pulled aside and the wizard can be seen frantically pushing buttons and shouting: Nothing to see here!

By rushing to impose their system by force in order to save themselves, they will bring about their own destruction. As I Ching hexagram 36, line 6 says:

“The dark power at first held so high a place that it could wound all who were on the side of good and of the light. But in the end it perishes of its own darkness, for evil must itself fall at the very moment when it has wholly overcome the good, and thus consumed the energy to which it owed its duration.”

done in by his own spell – oops!

The astrology of this process is quite complex and if you’d like a better idea of what might happen, please consult a professional astrologer. I’m a mere amateur and share what I learn to the best of my ability. In times like this, you really need to do your own research and think for yourself – Saturn in Aquarius demands it!

That caveat aside, here’s a basic summary of what’s coming:

The Saturn Pluto conjunction will be activated again in the closing months of 2020 when Mars makes a series of squares to both planets. This might indicate a return of the virus (or something similar), or perhaps something to do with the economic fallout of what’s happening now – further economic shocks, the call for reparations, hybrid war, civil unrest and so on.

In the middle of all this, we have the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in December (more on this later). This indicates the end of the old empire and a new beginning for the economy and power structures. But it won’t materialise overnight because we have to run the gauntlet of Saturn Uranus through 2021–22.

When everything is changing so fast it’s tempting to reach for the first and most obvious solution to bring things back under control again. But this could be a mistake. We need to be wary of getting carried away with enthusiasm for exciting new technologies and ideologies that promise a brighter future and more freedom, only to discover we’ve walked into a trap.

This is especially true in 2020-21 because Neptune in Pisces will be squaring the nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius. And that means more lies, more deception, including self-deception, propaganda, illusion and doublespeak. Be very careful what you wish for.

This period represents a massive transition in consciousness but it’s one we have to act upon. We’re in the eye of a storm – or a tipping point that could go either way. The chaos and uncertainty are unsettling, but it also creates opportunities for positive change and sudden breakthroughs.

On the positive side, we can imagine a better future and work to make it real. We can finally achieve that Great Awakening people are always talking about. Or on the negative side, we can let fear and old conditioning trap us in a technological control grid that enslaves us and destroys our humanity.

Your choice.

Further reading:

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24 thoughts on “The Saturn Uranus Square: freedom or slavery – time to choose

  1. Excellent article, Ms. Davidson. I did not expect to see so much common sense in one spot.
    I have taken the view that sometimes, it is best to step to the side, get out of the way of the maddening crowds, watch while the herd instinct that drives them sends them into some — well, box canyon, if you will – that collects them. Just get out of their way, and watch from the sidelines.

    It’s almost like watching something being born that won’t last because it has no stamina or real resources. I do not think we are doomed in the real-world sense, but rather, that these “herd instinct” or “crowd-generated” things do not have much lasting power. It isn’t the 1960s, and erasing the past will come home to roost, possibly too soon for the destructive people. Whatever you do goes out into the Universe and comes back to you nine times over. It’s a good reason to remember “Be careful what you wish for: you might get it.”

    This Saturn-Uranus transit has prompted me without my realizing it to do what my very good friend Lusy -excellent astrologer – told me a long time ago, that my biggest issue was not finishing what I start. Well, I am doing the “finishing” – completing what I started, and enjoying the process.

    “Everything ripens in its time and becomes fruit at its hour.” – Divyavadana

    I am truly looking forward to the future.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Finally some woke astrology. Such a relief to find this. Blown away by it.
    The elites 1000% use astrology to control us. They are experts in it. None of history and the present is a coincidence. Unfortunately more people need to realize this or there’s little hope.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. maybe. the collective subconscious sure seems to support them in using it then. after all, most seem not to inform themselves/volunteer for this control.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Jessica, thank you for such an absolutely fantastic article. I’m a few weeks late to finding it, but am feeling, “Better late than never.”. This helps me understand more of what I am experiencing in my little part of the world – NYC – and the astrological cycles it’s occurring within – along with what’s occurring in the world. Again, many thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I think you are a better astrologer than you profess to be Jessica. Very insightful and enjoyable writing. I am a seasoned astrologer and have written about Saturn-Uranus also on my blog, but the trine that happened a few years back. If you are interested in taking a look, my blog is called wizrons blog.


    Liked by 3 people

  5. So, in short, make lots of faces like Mr. Sutherland up there, and prepare your rubber raft to ride the rapids of crazy without expectations of good or bad.

    Now, let’s all get naked, paint our bodies to represent abstract concepts like hope and joy and frolic to the song that goes “This is the dawning of the AAAAge of Aquarius…the AAAAge of Aquariuuuuus!!!…”

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