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The Saturn Pluto Cycle: Archetypes and History

Take a deep breath – we’re about to dive into the murky depths of the current zeitgeist and it ain’t pretty. As I said in the Astrology of 2019, Saturn Pluto alignments have the potential to become your worst nightmare but it doesn’t have to be that way. The best way to deal with these… Continue reading The Saturn Pluto Cycle: Archetypes and History

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The Jupiter Uranus Cycle: Archetypes and History

The Jupiter Uranus cycle correlates with times in world history characterised by breakthroughs and discoveries in science, innovation in technology, creative and philosophical awakenings and new ideas, revolutions and increasing demands for freedom and equality, political and social rebellions, protests, and new beginnings in many areas. The most obvious synchronicities of historical events tend to… Continue reading The Jupiter Uranus Cycle: Archetypes and History

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A Brief History of Astrology

Nobody knows when astrology first started, although the study of the stars and cycles of time goes back into prehistory. The first lunar calendar, which was etched into a bone, dates to 32,000 BCE. And there are cave paintings at Lascaux that date to around 17,000 BCE which some say depict the earliest constellations, although… Continue reading A Brief History of Astrology


Addled Chapter 4: Little Miss Ouseburn

I stood before the open wardrobe and ran my eyes along the desultory collection of clothes huddled inside. Moving out was the perfect opportunity to get rid of my junk. There was stuff in here I hadn’t worn in years and couldn’t remember buying. I was going to have to be systematic and ruthless. Jonah… Continue reading Addled Chapter 4: Little Miss Ouseburn

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Cosmos and Psyche: Book Review

In this groundbreaking book, Richard Tarnas demonstrates the consistent correspondence between planetary alignments and the archetypal patterns found running through human history, both collectively and individually. Subtitled Intimations of a New World View, it offers a worldview and cosmology to heal the disastrous split in the Western psyche and is based on thirty years meticulous… Continue reading Cosmos and Psyche: Book Review