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Reclaim Your Crown – Be Not Afraid!

It’s official. The world has gone mad! You know what I’m talking about: the coronavirus and subsequent panic by people who should know better (and probably do). I’m busy researching the Saturn Uranus square which is getting closer as Saturn enters Aquarius, and it’s causing me some alarm. Not because of the virus – but because of the reaction to it.

While the virus and its economic fallout correspond to the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter-Mars blitzkrieg we’re currently enjoying, the recovery will come under the aegis of Saturn Uranus. And that could be both good and bad.

The Saturn Uranus posts will be heading your way soon, but in the meantime, I’ve been collecting some useful facts about our friend COVID-19, and how to stay healthy during this stressful time.

First, let’s deal with the microscopic elephant in the room. Nobody in the mainstream media is reporting this, for reasons best known to themselves, but this fact is essential to grasp:

Public Health England has recently reviewed the status of COVID-19 and has downgraded it. New data shows it has low mortality rates overall, so COVID-19 is no longer classified as an HCID – that is: a High Consequence Infectious Disease. True as of 19 March 2020. (details here)

Interestingly, an HCID is defined as requiring “an enhanced individual, population and system response to ensure it is managed effectively, efficiently and safely.” That’s fair enough, especially when you see some of the diseases listed as HCID, and it explains the government response to the virus. But only up to 19 March.

After that, they knew COVID-19 was no longer an HCID but went ahead with a UK lockdown anyway – announced on 23 March in a surreal broadcast with Boris attempting his best Churchill impression.

Apparently, we’re at war.

Yes, the virus can be nasty if you’re already ill and/or old, especially if you’ve got other underlying conditions and a weakened immune system. But still, the death rate is lower than seasonal flu. And in response they crash the world’s economy, throw millions out of work, and have probably triggered a depression – which will likely kill more people than COVID-19 in the long-run.

Something else is going on here.

Despite the fearmongering and propaganda in the media, there are scientists and doctors who are questioning how this crisis is being handled and/or manipulated:

The internet is bristling with theories about why this might be happening. Some voices carry more weight (and truth) than others. Martin Armstrong is a good source for an economic and historical perspective because he relies on real data that runs his genius AI system, Socrates. This is what he says is going on:

“I have been in this game for about 50 years and I have never witnessed a crash with no fundamental logic at all. … This is being orchestrated as if it were a plot to destroy the economy and most heads of state are not in the loop. … There is a grab for power here which is disproportionate to the evidence.”

The power grab is happening in every country in different ways. Some are further down the path to dictatorship and fascism than others, and the democracies of the West are catching up fast. Off-Guardian provides a good summary here, and Sunday Wire features interviews with journalists on the ground in various countries here.

Meanwhile, Peter Hitchens is one of the few mainstream journalists in the UK speaking out against the unprecedented attack on our civil liberties hidden within the new Coronavirus Bill:

“All the crudest weapons of despotism, the curfew, the presumption of guilt and the power of arbitrary arrest, are taking shape in the midst of what use to be a free country. And we, who like to boast of how calm we are in a crisis, seem to despise our ancient hard-bought freedom and actually want to rush into the warm, firm arms of Big Brother.”

Other countries are passing similar laws. The US Constitution is being shredded (just in time for its Pluto return), and parts of Europe are practically under Martial Law already. These kinds of temporary measures in times of emergency are rarely revoked. Remember the Patriot Act after 9/11?

This doesn’t bode well for the Saturn Uranus square. We’re poised at the edge of a dangerous tipping point and how we respond to this challenge is crucial.

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

At the start of this crisis, I did a quick tarot reading to see how I should be responding. For the situation, I got the Tower – obviously! And how to respond was the Ace of Swords – strength in adversity. Two crowns – one lost and one reclaimed!

This crisis is freaking a lot of people out, but it’s also bringing out the best in us too. People are helping each other, checking on neighbours, volunteering to support the vulnerable. Queuing to get into the supermarket is surreal and inconvenient, but I can handle it – as long as it doesn’t become a regular thing.

So where do we go from here?

Now is the time to take care of yourself and each other. Please don’t be scared – it’s really bad for your health! You need to be strong – physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually – in order to face the challenges that are coming. I don’t say that to scare you, but to prepare you.

This situation is why you have (or need) a spiritual practice.

There are ways to turn this situation to your advantage and rethink how you live your life. Don’t take your cue from the technocrats and fearmongers. They want to keep you small and scared. Remember who you areread Mind War for more.

don’t let fear topple your crown!

Some people are already scrabbling to cope with losing their jobs or their businesses. You can help by supporting your local community – buy locally grown food or grow your own, if you can – and share it. Donate to people doing work you believe in and support those with humanitarian values and principles.

Take advantage of the opportunity to get outside and exercise as often as you can – within the limits of the current lockdown. Don’t use quarantine as an excuse to mooch around indoors. Protect your peace of mind and health.

Make sure you eat well, drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep. Don’t spend all day online, following updates on the crisis and mainlining fear. Meditate and relax – this is the perfect excuse to have a mini spiritual retreat.

If you get sick – don’t panic! There are loads of herbs and spices you can use that boost your immunity and protect your body from viruses and bacteria: garlic, ginger, and cinnamon are the obvious ones. But you can also try sage, thyme and oregano tea. At the first sign of a cold, I drink a couple of cups and usually within 24 hours I’m fine – it’s pretty disgusting, but effective!

Here’s a great video about herbs for immunity from astrologer Acyuta-bhava (Adam Elenbaas)

While the crisis is still hot, you need to follow the rules laid down in your country. Now isn’t the time to push back against the power grab because people are too scared. Wait for the death rate to fall and for the panic to subside. Then serious questions will need to be asked and governments and institutions must be held to account for what they’re doing.

The Saturn Uranus square runs until the end of 2022 and it’s only just warming up. What’s happening now is just the beginning. This may be a good time to read, or re-read, 1984 by George Orwell – while you still can!

Finally, for regular updates and conversation about the ongoing crisis, tune in to the Social Rejects Club (very Saturn in Aquarius!), broadcasting everyday of quarantine from the Boiler Room at ACR.

Update (28 March): For those interested in the astrological side of the virus, check out the April Forecast from the Astrology Podcast here, and the COVID-19 astrology resources from Astrology University here.

25 thoughts on “Reclaim Your Crown – Be Not Afraid!

  1. Genetic modification of viruses goes on all the time, not only in China but the USA as well.
    Modified viruses have the ability to escape containment labs, mutate and jump the species barrier. Eg. SARS, Ebola etc. For those interested, please see:

    This is why we should not allow the deregulation of Gene Technologies and ban factory farming of animals for food (the cruelty imposed on animals is another issue). Bill Gates is just waiting to sell us “new vaccines” that contain toxic substances and antibodies from different animal species. Is there any wonder why people are so sick?

    Don’t be afraid. Stay as healthy as you can and boost your immune system. Covid19 will pass and remember it is no where near as deadly as the common flu. Check the numbers for yourself.

    The real reason the media is making a hype about covid19, is because the elite are using it for a cover while insolvent corporations and banks get bailed out by Governments to the tune of trillions of dollars. The bubble of everything had to pop and now is the perfect time to use the virus as an excuse for closing down the economy. It is also a test to see how far martial law can be applied to the population without objection while more freedoms and jobs are taken away.

    The biggest dispossession of the middle class, in modern history. This is it folks. The next couple of years is going to be a bumpy landing. What Jessica writes about is exactly what people need to be thinking about and doing. Life will never be the same again…….

    Surely we can turn some of this into a positive. Keep posting Jessica, you are an inspiration! .

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  2. I had written a very long and detailed comment that was lost due to WordPress error…or you blocking certain readers from commenting? So, this is just a test to see which holds true. In the case of the former, I am not happy with this blog site, again. I cannot re-type all I said.

    But, in short, I like your general fiery spirit in regards to the crisis.

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      1. Well, I never can be sure til I am sure. Damn WP glitches. I suspect service is down with the lack of essential staff. Stats were not visible for some time, either. Like the world shut down.

        Also, you can find some of my lost thoughts in my posts about the crisis, including my letter to China.

        I had some theories of the source of the crisis. Possibly aliens or an alien repellant plan put into effect by some crackpot MIB wannabes.

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        1. Beware conspiracy theories, writingbolt. There’s a lot of crap floating around about what’s going on and some of the more extreme ideas are a total distraction.

          It’s not aliens! 👽


        2. The world is a distraction. Either we are distracted by beauty or distracted by stress-inducing pests and illusions. It’s not hard to see how someone came up with the Matrix concept/films.

          Anything is possible, including alien involvement. If someone shows up at my door with a neuralizer, I forgot what I was saying.


    1. Well…. I’m very happy with this blog site (for what that’s worth), but am a little bumfuzzled — not by this blog, but by the crap this particular blog post alludes to, that being: “They’re out to get us!”

      Covid-19 is a natural phenomenon. No one cooked it up and “released” it (accidentally or otherwise). Covid-19 just is. Certain unscrupulous people are attempting to use it to some advantage or other, but COVID itself just is. Period.

      As to how (some) people are using it…. Well, that’s a different story, but I (for just but one) don’t imagine suits in locked conference rooms rubbing their hands together and saying, “This is our chance! Let’s ‘lock them down’…at least until we can board our spaceships to Mars.”

      That just isn’t how it’s quite playing out.


      1. Not sure where you’ve got all that from, Infinite Warrior. I’m not saying any of those things in this post.

        I didn’t say it was made in a lab and released on purpose. COVID-19 is one of many coronaviruses and is just a new strain. Totally natural, as you say.

        I am concerned about the reaction which is out of proportion to the threat, and that makes me wonder what might be behind that. It could be sheer incompetence – but on a global scale? Perhaps. Even so, that’s not very reassuring.

        Spaceships to Mars? Why is everyone obsessed with outer space all of a sudden?! 😂

        Maybe you should read some of the scientific papers I linked to – then you might understand where I’m coming from.


        1. Hi, Jessica. I was replying to writingbolt.

          Where did I get all that from? Which part? The narratives being pushed by Peter Hitchens, et alia? Those are from the narratives being pushed by Peter Hitchens, et alia.

          Narratives aside…. Once COVID made its appearance in the West, a set of guidelines (as opposed to orders) was issued (here, by the CDC, of course) based upon prior lessons learned by medical professionals dealing with epidemics and pandemics. These guidelines, however, were summarily ignored by the vast majority of the public. The “orders” coming down now are a direct result of that ignorance. The pleas for “social distancing” obviously didn’t work, so we’re now seeing various municipalities issuing “stay at home” and “shelter in place” orders. These, too, are being ignored and I expect more draconian measures to follow if we don’t start using our own brains and inherent faculties (or reclaiming our own crowns, as you put it) to make wise decisions during this crisis, not only for our own sake and well-being but for the sake and well-being of others, especially those most vulnerable, whom most of us are just as obviously not even thinking about. Nope. It’s far more important for them to go out and buy nonessentials to keep themselves and/or their children occupied with distractions regardless of any of the more sound advice they may have heard lest they get bored.

          Spaceships to Mars? Why is everyone obsessed with outer space all of a sudden?!

          Good question. Perhaps escapists are thinking Mars is the only place they could feasibly escape to at this point?


        2. The ‘power grab’ narrative, as you call it, isn’t just a narrative – it’s actually happening in various countries – they’re all responding in different ways, some are being more draconian than others. Both the UK and the US have just passed emergency legislation to allow them to deal with the crisis more easily – which is fair enough. We need to protect people who are vulnerable to the virus and keep deaths as low as possible.

          However, these emergency bills are rarely fully revoked, as I said in the post. Obviously, we don’t know what’s going to happen at this point – I hope it all works out but there are good reasons for being worried – which is why Peter Hitchens and others are talking about how dangerous these bills are. At first, I went into it in more detail in the post but then cut that section for length. Here’s what I cut about the UK Coronavirus Bill:

          “Thanks to this bill, you can be detained if the police think you’re infected – apparently they’re experts on that kind of thing. It’s also now possible for one doctor to section you under the Mental Health Act and force you to take medication. Elections have been postponed and parliament has been dissolved – the MPs have all buggered off back to their constituencies. It’s not clear exactly how our democracy (what’s left of it) will work over the coming months.

          “People are being encouraged to snitch on each other, just like in East Germany, and report anyone not complying with the new restrictions. Martin Armstrong, in a letter to Donald Trump, explains why this is never a good idea:

          “Communism failed because it broke the bonds of civilisation and made every individual suspicious about their neighbours and the government. I went behind the Berlin Wall before it fell. I saw how it functioned with my own eyes, and not from academic theories. The veil of civilisation is extremely thin and has historically come undone in less than 30 days. Using current methods, the only way to prevent civil unrest is to turn the country into a police state and that leads to what we saw under communism.”

          “Oh, but it’s okay because the Coronavirus Bill has an expiry date – it’s only for an emergency and once it’s all over, everything will go back to normal again. Right?

          “Not so fast! Yes, the bill has an expiry date and can be reviewed every 6 months, but only if parliament is sitting. There are also clauses within the bill to which the expiry date doesn’t apply, so when it’s finally revoked those clauses will still be on the statute books. Guess which ones?

          “Yes – long after the coronavirus scare is over, one solitary doctor can declare you insane and force treatment on you – handy for when they introduce a vaccine.”

          I’m writing this in the context of knowing what’s coming next, astrologically speaking, i.e. the Saturn Uranus square. I won’t get into that here, but you can look it up and do your own research, if you like.


        3. The ‘power grab’ [is] actually happening in various countries

          Of course. Vampires walk among us. They always have.

          Vigilance is certainly called for, but at the other end of the spectrum of over-reaction out of proportion to the threat is under-reaction out of proportion to the threat. Personally, I’m just as concerned about that.

          Rosenstock-Huessy would probably tell us this is because we are reacting rather than responding for the most part. And he’d be right.

          On the one hand, articles here in the US are screaming, “DOJ seeks suspension of habeus corpus!” Never mind that the suspension of habeus corpus is not what the DOJ actually requested. What it requested was for individual court judges to be granted authority to pause court proceedings during a national emergency. This could very well lead to the suspension of habeus corpus in our worst nightmares, as “national emergency” is so poorly defined (as per usual), but that hasn’t happened (or even been requested)…yet. At any rate, a democratically-controlled Congress in the States would have to approve and/or revoke such authority. Not likely, but — as you say — you never know in this topsy-turvy world.

          On the other hand, we have these dimwits arguing that we should just ignore all this and go about our “business as usual” lest the economy — bless its precious little heart — be hurt. (Never mind the people being hurt. Don’t even get me started on that one. And, incidentally, Trump himself would like to see everything back to “business as usual” by Easter.)

          In the meantime, the “order” to Stop and Reflect is turning up a few, very good contemplations regarding the possibilities and choices presented to us by COVID-19.

          I’m writing this in the context of knowing what’s coming next, astrologically speaking, i.e. the Saturn Uranus square. I won’t get into that here, but you can look it up and do your own research, if you like.

          Pfft. {spits water} That’s actually hilarious from my perspective. You’re the Astrologer. I think I’ll just wait for your next piece on that one. My knowledge of Astrology extends only as far as birth signs (East and West). Astrology has become, in many ways, a lost art. My best friend is pretty good at it, but I’m afraid that’s a skill I’ll never master myself. Too many other interests, maybe.

          Nice speaking with you.


        4. Just for the record, I’m not a professional astrologer – I just research this stuff and share what I learn. My hope is that people do their own research and think for themselves rather than waiting for someone else to pronounce upon their future. Maybe I should start using disclaimers.


      2. If it is a “natural” event, then a higher power has decided to reduce the human population. But, being how humans seem to be, and with the hot pot of politics and lands at unending war stewing, it is not impossible to suspect someone has concocted a biological weapon.

        From past Trump events, I would not be surprised if he thought cooking up a “minor health crisis”–with him coming out as the hero who resolves it–was a good campaign strategy….that is, until his short-sighted ambitions–like the wall debacle–went awry, forcing him to step aside while the more educated folks try to resolve the disaster.

        And, now that you mention the spaceship to Mars, that reminds me of another wealthy and ambitious individual who had such plans to take pioneers to Mars. This could be a curbing or accelerating tool of that plan.


        1. Where and how far above Trump and his fellow managers? Again, is this from outside our atmosphere or from another plane of existence?

          Astrology predicted a change of power…I just thought it meant new management/employee opportunities…not the complete collapse of the global economy and no one quite sure what to do without turning to chaotic behavior.

          I feel like a dust cloud is spreading across the globe, like when the meteor took out the dinosaurs…and, when it clears, a very shocking reality will unfold. It could be surprisingly good or just ramp up my already buzzing anxieties to toxic levels.

          I’ll consider bringing a towel into your “boiler room” when I am more awake and have the time.

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  3. I just found you, Jessica, and you’re such a breath of fresh air. Truly we are in the same tribe but your research and insight are something I can only dream of! I also followed your links from here and shared one on Facebook. Will also watch Maryanne’s above. Thanks for your very being…

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  4. I’ve been shouting about 1984 for a few years now. The ‘media’ is causing a lot of the panic and our ‘leader’s (I’m in the US) is a narcissistic buffoon.

    I’m living my normal hermit life and praying schools reopen on April 6th as planned so my autistic grandson can be somewhere beside in my face all day😂

    Thank you for sharing a dose of real reality!!

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