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Uranus and Mars conjunct North Node

Chaos is the theme for 2022 and it’s about to get even crazier as Uranus closes in on the north node over the coming weeks. They’ve been within orb since late April and Mars joins the party in July so we can expect a lot more volatility and churn. The disruption has been ongoing for a while but it builds in intensity into July and early August and then bubbles under for the rest of the year.

The conjunction between Uranus and the north node will become exact at 18° Taurus on 31 July and the Mars conjunction becomes exact on 1 August. These events may happen on the same day in your time zone. Mars will be conjunct Uranus and the north node by degree from 22 July to 15 August, while Uranus stays within a few degrees of the north node for the rest of the year and into February 2023.

The Saturn Uranus square will be triggered by this transit as Saturn has been squaring the nodes since February this year and remains in orb until December. Saturn and Uranus almost form an exact square in October at 18° Taurus, the same degree as the Uranus Mars North Node stellium. By then Mars will be in Gemini, but he goes retrograde at the end of October, stirring up a different kind of disruption.

When Uranus and Mars get together, they tend to trigger shocks and disruption. Uranus is unpredictable and electrifying, while Mars brings heat and anger. Add the north node into the mix and everything becomes intensified. Previous alignments of Uranus and the nodes have coincided with storms and extreme weather, as well as crashes and industrial accidents – there’s a list here, and an interesting post by Marjorie Orr here.

The north node increases the energies at play, so in Taurus that means the desire for stability and security, self-worth and self-sufficiency, practical values and appreciation for the arts and sensual pleasures. The north node in Taurus may intensify greed and self-indulgence, but also the desire to find true inner security and wealth.

Uranus and Mars joining forces with the north node means security will be hard to come by. We can expect an intensification of the already volatile financial situation, with the potential for shocks and unpredictability in the areas of banking, food and agriculture, real estate, supply chains and energy distribution. It also adds fuel to the disputes and wars already in play.

Events could move incredibly fast with shocking news coming from all sides, throwing you off balance constantly. If you think it’s already like that now, the pace is about to pick up speed even more. There could be supply chain breakdowns, food shortages and price rises, crop failures due to bad weather, blackouts and fuel poverty leading to disconnection, bankruptcies and revelations of corruption and money laundering, and inflation off the charts.

The response to these events will also be unpredictable with the potential for explosions of violence, rioting and civil unrest – pitchforks and torches – as misery and hunger drives people to extremes. This has already begun in some places, such as Sri Lanka, and it’s likely to spread as the year unfolds.

Here’s a great conversation on Crypto Rich with Tom Luongo and Alexander Mercouris about the collapse of the old monetary system and the process of de-globalisation currently underway: Part 1 is here (short intro) and Part 2 is here.

It’s not all bad news. This transit could also trigger awakenings and increased awareness of the issues we face, leading to positive action and change. In fact, whatever happens, we won’t be able to avoid change from this point forward. The consequences of decades of poor decisions and the general entropy of the collapsing system are now barrelling towards us.

The breakdown of food security in particular will make change inevitable. We may see an increased awareness of the need to shorten supply chains and reduce food waste and share what we have more equitably, and to develop a more prudent use of energy, with greater self-sufficiency and sustainability. Shocks to the system will encourage us to radically overhaul our values, rethink what we find valuable, what it’s worth possessing or doing for money, and what it means to be wealthy.

As the system collapses it will become obvious that globalism simply doesn’t work and many more people will begin to see through the illusion. This is a good thing, although shocking if it’s a new idea for you. Many could find themselves liberated or freed from a situation against their will. But you can also take this as an opportunity to break free from whatever is holding you back, keeping you stuck or trapped.

You may have sudden insights and revolutionary ideas that open up new pathways to achieve security or that transform your values. There may be unexpected events that radically change your life overnight, as well as new technologies and innovations that disrupt your life in some way.

Now is the time to seek out positive opportunities to make changes in your life in the Taurus area of your chart. You’re more likely to experience the positive side of this disruptive energy if you work with it consciously and don’t block or resist necessary change. You may have a great desire for freedom in this area and the need to be true to yourself.

But be prepared for shocks and surprises too – they might be positive shocks, so don’t assume the worst. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. And be flexible and willing to let go of things that aren’t working.

Remember that Mars adds heat and intensity so you may feel extra jittery and restless. Nobody will be getting much sleep! Find something creative to channel the extra energy into or it could create illness, accidents and fights. And be careful with sharp pointy things and fire.

You may want to take risks but the results will be unpredictable, so try to slow down and think things through. Tap into the patience and steadiness of Taurus. Take lots of deep breaths and count to ten before you jump into anything.

By tuning into your true nature, you can make the most of any unexpected situations that come up. Chaos can never be controlled but you can learn to ride the changes and go with the flow. Trust in the divine – let go and let God.

Good luck!

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7 thoughts on “Uranus and Mars conjunct North Node

  1. Thanks so much Jessica. What I draw from your comments is the theme of channeling energy in constructive directions, rather than trying to block emerging ideas. This is so important for the emergence of new understanding, especially in astrology and spirituality, where the psychology of repression often causes people not to share their ideas, or to fail to comprehend simple explanations. So we can expect a flowering of creative dialogue and new understanding with a high point at the triple conjunction on the horses’ birthday (August 1 in the Southern Hemisphere), together with some level of fury and baffled antagonism around the emergence of new ideas. Such a tight triple conjunction of three slow moving energies inside one sixth of a degree is particularly powerful. Mars, Uranus and the Node together in Taurus at this time bring spiritual innovation in the depths of the soul. This soul energy is further reinforced by the long tight conjunction of Uranus retrograde with the Node, remaining within 5 degrees of orb for a full seven months from now until Uranus finally stations in January 2023.

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      1. For me this triple conjunction is at the nadir, square Saturn. Quite challenging, with Uranus square Saturn a big generational transit, a challenging and testing time of disruption and tension in relationships. And Mars square Saturn is a time of blockage and discouragement, creating endurance and character. Mars Opposition Midheaven generates opposition and inability to engage publicly, while Uranus on the nadir is disruptive and distracting, symbolising the need to break free. I need to continue to work patiently on building these powerful energies in their meaning for my life, creating my opportunities for liberation. My essay on The Physics of Astrological Ages has been accepted for publication in Correlation, and the difficulty in engaging on this reflects these upcoming Mars Uranus transits.

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  2. just what i needed, not!
    anyways before all this mars will be conjunct my mc just as pluto squares it the second time. first time mars squared it and i had this huge explosion in my life, which has turned out to be a blessing. let’s see how this one will go. on 3/4 july, the second anniversary of me and that man
    trying to be realistic but not fearful re everything else.

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