The Off-Grid Astrology Course is coming soon…!

I’m busy putting the finishing touches to a new course you never knew you wanted. It’s time to get ready for the coming disruption to the power supply and learn how to do astrology properly – i.e. by hand. No astrology apps! No online charts! No electricity! Just your own brain! (plus a few books and a calculator! 📚🧮)

Ironically, this self-study course will be delivered online via Payhip using their snazzy new course player. It’s not ready yet, but you can keep an eye on the course page here to see when it goes live.

So what’s it all about and why does it matter?

The Off-Grid Astrology Course is for those who want to learn how to do astrological calculations by hand, without relying on astrology software and online apps. These things are useful and save enormous amounts of time – a chart can be created in seconds; a couple of clicks and it’s done.

But do you know what you’re doing? Could you calculate a chart by hand if you had to? What would you do if the power went down and you needed to calculate a chart to find out when the power will come back on?!

The point is, you can no longer count on the internet, or even electricity, being there at your beck and call. It’s likely that the power will go off at some point – either due to demand outstripping supply, rationing, cyber-attacks, or even a solar flare knocking out the grid. It’s just a matter of time. ⚡️

So prepare now! Learn the skills you will need when the lights go out.

The Off-Grid Astrology Course covers how to calculate a chart with step-by-step instructions and lots of examples, and includes the astronomy of the birth chart, how to use tables of houses, calculating lots, midpoints, progressions, chart relocation, and more!

Learning to calculate charts by hand may seem antiquated but there are good reasons to do it. You will gain a greater understanding of how birth charts work and what they represent. This is how I learned astrology back in the olden days in the early 90s before the internet was a thing.

This course is for those who want to keep doing astrology no matter what the future brings, as well as those who choose to live off-grid because they’re more sensible than the rest of us.

I’m planning a book version of the course too, but it’ll take a little longer to arrive. It should be a useful reference in hard copy for when the lights go out…

(I went a bit mad on Canva 🤣)

Watch this space – more details coming soon…

Image: Astrologer

11 thoughts on “The Off-Grid Astrology Course is coming soon…!

  1. Very excited for this! Glad to see a real teacher amongst a rising sea of charlatans and fake gurus attempting to capitalize on hard times.

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  2. lol, just reading this from

    Right at the beginning of the month, on July 2, fiery Aries Mars squares bone-hard Capricorn Pluto. There is power-conscious and assertive action, sometimes with open violence.

    that mars was con my mc with pluto sq and a super peaceful time was had. unlike that time when they were both square.
    i never get these ” collective” things.
    just don’t.
    even merc retro, unless it connects something in my chart. or i am missing something, always a possibility.

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      1. to be fair, my computer completely crashed, i should have contacted my genius computer guy sooner but i kept putting it of as i did no want to be without and kept thinking ; what’s a bit of slowness ectr.
        he salvaged most of it.
        and it’s clearly all to do with that pluto.
        and it was a most refreshing break too.
        no news, gardening, reading, michael mirdad explaining course of miracles [ i’d tried that decades ago, to Christian sounding ] , and christ consciousness to me, and angels.
        now i’m trying to keep that balanced cause that internet sucks you in man …

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  3. i used to, in the last century 🙂
    i just lived 2 whole weeks without computer.
    i survived but it was hard!
    also restful and refreshing and became a spiritual retreat with michael mirdad.
    now i am trying to find a balance.
    got it back the day pluto was exact mc for the second time!
    the 3rd ill be in jan. every time the 2nd,3rd ,4thof month. is that weird or what?
    anyways, i keep telling people i grew up with all sorts of old school things, i know how. but do i wanna?!
    looking forward of course.

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