Dark Night of the Soul

Resources for Surviving a Dark Night of the Soul

Welcome to the resources page for surviving the dark night of the soul and spiritual emergency. You’ll find links to advice, articles and inspiration to help you cope when spiritual crisis threatens to overwhelm you. Bookmark this page! Spiritual Emergency Resources Beyond Meds – alternatives to psychiatry, integral holistic well-being Biology of Kundalini – Comprehensive material on… Continue reading Resources for Surviving a Dark Night of the Soul

Dark Night of the Soul

Dying to Live: Dancing in the Flames

I recently watched a fascinating film about the life of Jungian analyst Marion Woodman, known for her work on feminine psychology and addiction. The film features interviews with Marion by the mystic Andrew Harvey, covering the mysteries of death and rebirth, and how the soul grows through surrender, as illustrated by Marion’s life and her… Continue reading Dying to Live: Dancing in the Flames

Dark Night of the Soul · Meditation

The Hidden Dangers of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is everywhere these days. With the number of books and apps and courses available you would think we had become a nation of bodhisattvas overnight. The positive effects of mindfulness are widely known and aggressively advertised, but the practice doesn’t work the same way for everyone, and it can actually make you feel worse.… Continue reading The Hidden Dangers of Mindfulness

Addled · Dark Night of the Soul

Addled Now Out in Paperback!

Addled: Adventures of a Reluctant Mystic is a novel about spiritual awakening in a crazy world, and how the crisis of spiritual emergency can become an awakening. The story follows reluctant mystic Zoe Popper on her quest for inner peace and self-knowledge. Addled explores the line between mysticism and madness using the philosophy of Zen… Continue reading Addled Now Out in Paperback!

Consciousness · Dark Night of the Soul

Red Book Dialogues: Dark Night and Soul Retrieval

This brilliant dialogue between Jack Kornfield and Katherine Sanford explores some of the practical applications of Jung’s ideas, such as active imagination and sand play, and they talk about how we can come to terms with our suffering by going on an inner journey, or soul retrieval.

We’ve lost touch with our inner life and that’s why the world is so crazy and destructive. The world has become the dumping ground for what we refuse to face in ourselves – the ‘chaos of our own emptiness’, as Katherine Sandford describes it. We’re experiencing a global dark night of the soul caused by the collapse of the materialism that has driven society for too long. It’s an initiation that demands we live from the soul and become authentic. They also look at the rebirth that follows the dark night and provide a guided meditation to help you discover your hidden inner gifts.


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Dark Night of the Soul · Inspirations

Auschwitz: Learning to Love in Hell

To mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz I’d like to share a remarkable story from Sun at Midnight by Andrew Harvey. If you’re struggling in a dark night of the soul, this story may give you hope and show you a way through the darkness. It’s a tale of horror, death, love… Continue reading Auschwitz: Learning to Love in Hell