Ox Herding Pictures: Entering the Marketplace

Bare-chested, barefooted, he comes into the marketplace. Muddied and dust-covered, how broadly he grins! Without recourse to mystic powers, withered trees he swiftly brings to bloom. The full title of this picture is sometimes Entering the Marketplace with Helping Hands and it represents the stage of the path where you’re ready to share your wisdom… Continue reading Ox Herding Pictures: Entering the Marketplace


Ox Herding Pictures: Both Ox and Self Forgotten

Whip, rope, Ox and man alike belong to Emptiness. So vast and infinite the azure sky that no concept of any sort can reach it, over a blazing fire a snowflake cannot survive. When this state of mind is realised comes at last comprehension of the spirit of the ancient Patriarchs. In earlier Ox Herding Pictures this was… Continue reading Ox Herding Pictures: Both Ox and Self Forgotten

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Spiritual Glossary: Satori

Satori is the Japanese term used in Zen Buddhism to refer to awakening and the realisation of the true nature of the self, or Buddha nature. It is sometimes also called Kensho, where ken means ‘seeing’ and sho means ‘nature’ or ‘essence’. Kensho is generally understood to be your first experience of realisation and is often a tiny glimpse of Buddha… Continue reading Spiritual Glossary: Satori

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Spiritual Glossary: Buddha Nature

Buddha nature is your true nature. This may be hard to believe at times, but even a tiny glimpse of reality during awakening will reveal the truth of it. Enlightenment reveals the true nature of all beings as Buddha nature. It’s also called Buddha-dhātu, which means ‘Buddha Element’ or ‘Buddha Principle.’ This is the seed… Continue reading Spiritual Glossary: Buddha Nature