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Zodiac Myths: The Story Behind Leo

Out of the watery depths of Cancer springs a roaring Lion. As a fixed fire sign, Leo takes the natural creative impulse of life and gives it focus and stability to share it with the world. True creativity involves an heroic quest of self-discovery powered by the inner sun and the desire to find out… Continue reading Zodiac Myths: The Story Behind Leo


Natal Chiron in Leo

Chiron represents the primal wound, the urge to become whole and heal the self, while Leo represents self-expression and creativity. With Chiron in Leo the wound is to your ability to manifest your creative self-expression which may come through in the following ways: Feel uncreative, unimaginative and uninspired Feel that others don’t see your uniqueness… Continue reading Natal Chiron in Leo


Traditional Correspondences: Leo

The zodiac sign of Leo (22 July – 22 August) is symbolised by the Lion. The glyph represents the lion’s mane which shows the regal nature of the sign. Leo Basics Ruler: Sun Exultation: Neptune Natural House: 5th house Fall: None Quality: Fixed Detriment: Uranus Element: Fire Polarity: Positive / Masculine Leo Correspondences Day: Sunday… Continue reading Traditional Correspondences: Leo