Ox Herding Pictures: Returning to the Source

He has returned to the Origin, come back to the Source,  but his steps have been taken in vain. It is as though he were now blind and deaf. Seated in his hut, he hankers not for things outside. Streams meander on of themselves, red flowers naturally bloom red. After dissolving into Oneness, the world returns.… Continue reading Ox Herding Pictures: Returning to the Source

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Spiritual Glossary: Satori

Satori is the Japanese term used in Zen Buddhism to refer to awakening and the realisation of the true nature of the self, or Buddha nature. It is sometimes also called Kensho, where ken means ‘seeing’ and sho means ‘nature’ or ‘essence’. Kensho is generally understood to be your first experience of realisation and is often a tiny glimpse of Buddha… Continue reading Spiritual Glossary: Satori