21st Century Crisis

Active Hope and How to Travel in Time

Last time we looked at loneliness and the power of community and our need to reconnect with each other. One of the things that makes that more difficult is our relationship to time. It seems to move faster each year and we’re so focused on getting a million things done that we don’t have time… Continue reading Active Hope and How to Travel in Time


The Art of Doing Nothing

‘Where are we going?’ said Pooh, hurrying after him, and wondering whether it was to be an Explore or a What-shall-I-do-about-you-know-what. ‘Nowhere,’ said Christopher Robin. So they began going there, and after they had walked a little way Christopher Robin said: ‘What do you like doing best in the world, Pooh?’ ‘Well, said Pooh, ‘what… Continue reading The Art of Doing Nothing