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Review: Psychosynthesis by Roberto Assagioli

This week I’m reading Psychosynthesis: A Manual of Principles and Techniques by Roberto Assagioli. Psychosynthesis is a practical method for personal growth that helps you to become a more whole person. It was created in 1910 by Roberto Assagioli because he believed psychoanalysis, as it was then, was incomplete. He put together a new set… Continue reading Review: Psychosynthesis by Roberto Assagioli

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Psychology Bookshelf

A selection of recommended Psychology books for anyone on the path to awakening and self-knowledge. These are some of the books I’ve found particularly helpful or inspiring over the years. There are longer reviews attached via links, and more to come… Roberto Assagioli – Psychosynthesis Believing that psychoanalysis was incomplete, Roberto Assagioli began to formulate… Continue reading Psychology Bookshelf


How to Meditate: Self Identification Meditation

This is a guided meditation that comes from the therapeutic practice of psychosynthesis which was started by psychoanalyst Roberto Assagioli. It involves a process of gradually stripping away the layers of false identification to reveal the true nature of the Self underneath. Normally you identify with everything except your true Self – your body, emotions,… Continue reading How to Meditate: Self Identification Meditation