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Zodiac Myths: The Story Behind Virgo

We leave behind the roaring lion and embrace the humble virgin. As a mutable earth sign, Virgo strives to bring order and perfection to the world through the alchemical synthesis of paradox. She carries fire and grain and embodies the secrets of life, the cycles of nature and the force that makes things grow. Virgo… Continue reading Zodiac Myths: The Story Behind Virgo


Traditional Correspondences: Virgo

The zodiac sign of Virgo (23 August – 23 September) is symbolised by the Virgin. The glyph represents the coiled Kundalini serpent with its head in a closed loop which shows the purity of the sign. (Note: compare this glyph with Scorpio) Virgo Basics Ruler: Mercury Exultation: Mercury Natural House: 6th house Fall: Venus /… Continue reading Traditional Correspondences: Virgo