The Story Behind Virgo

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Virgo is discriminating, realistic and practical – if something isn’t useful they’re not interested. Virgo likes to create order out of chaos, perhaps in an attempt to calm their highly strung nervous systems. They bring disparate things together to create a synthesis, and are intelligent and knowledgeable, sometimes in the most exasperating way with their tendency to obsess over every tiny detail. But if you’ve lost something – ask a Virgo, they’ll know where you put it. Virgo is ruled by Mercury.

Virgo Myths

Virgo is associated with the Virgin Goddesses, often simply called the Great Goddess or the Great Harlot. These were fertility goddesses, depicted with many, many breasts and voluptuous curves indicating their great fecundity. The word virgin originally meant unmarried and simply means Virgo is self-possessed, she doesn’t belong to anyone, particularly a man.

Astraea is the Greek goddess of justice. She used to hang out on earth urging people to follow natural laws, but our immorality sickened her, so she became the constellation of Virgo.

Artemis is a virgin goddess, a huntress and fertility goddess. In Ephesus, young women would spend the night before their wedding at her temple, prostituting themselves as an offering to the Great Harlot. Back then, of course, prostitutes had semi-divine status. How times have changed…

Atargatis is a fertility goddess from Asia Minor and is a virgin and harlot, worshipped with orgiastic rites, like Artemis. You’ll recognise her by her fish’s tail (an interesting reflection from the opposite sign of Pisces).

Lisbeth Salander - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - 2009
Lisbeth Salander – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – 2009

Virgo on Film

Mona Lisa – 1986 Handmade Films
Mona Lisa – 1986 Handmade Films

Lisbeth Salander for her refusal to be possessed by any man or institution in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Harold Crick the anally retentive tax man in Stranger Than Fiction.

Grady Tripp drowning in a sea of detail as he tries to finish his latest novel in The Wonder Boys.

Simone, the high class call girl forever out of reach in Mona Lisa.

Famous Virgins

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves

Cameron Diaz (Sun & Mars in Virgo)

Richard Gere (Sun & Mercury in Virgo)

Stephen King (Sun & Mercury in Virgo)

Keanu Reeves (Sun & Mercury in Virgo)

Alexander Skarsgard (Sun & Venus in Virgo)

D.H. Lawrence (Sun & Mercury in Virgo)

Who are your favourite Virgo characters? Share your discernment below…

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5 thoughts on “The Story Behind Virgo

  1. Astraea a goddess of justice? What about Dike and Nemesis? I thought Astraea was just one of those pretty faces who was chased until she had no other means of escape but to jump off something or create water from a rock and then be placed among the stars.

    Acting as a prostitute before a wedding makes no sense…though, neither do bachelor/bachelorette parties, either.

    From your explanation of Virgo as the “one who won’t be possessed,” I can see why you picked the girl with the dragon tattoo. Otherwise, I’d peg her as a “Krabulus” or Scorpio. She has a vindictive streak and is far from naive as Virgos (as I have read) are claimed to be. Harold Crick definitely starts with the practical Virgo mind until warm, sensitive Pisces baker gal softens him up with a cookie.

    I am curious how horror fandom and Virgo relate…how does a “practical” and “not to be possessed harlot” write semi-corny horror fiction?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sure there are loads more we could include here. Astraea is described as the goddess of justice by Liz Greene in ‘The Astrology of Fate’: “A daughter of Zeus, she once lived on earth and mingled with men, but became increasingly disgusted at their baseness and eventually retreated to the heavens as the constellation of Virgo.”

      These myths have many different versions, so it depends who is telling the tale…



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