Being Creative in a Mad World: Rebelling

True creativity happens right on the edge of rebellion, on the edge of chaos. This is where life functions at its best: at a point of dynamic equilibrium. Always changing, always transforming into something else.

Stand out
Stand out

It is impossible to be alive and avoid transformation. Life always seeks to renew and expand, spread out and master new frontiers. Resistance to this process leads to stagnation which may seem secure and safe. But too much security is deadly.

Equally, too much chaos is destructive.

To be creative means to stand on the line between these two, because you are alive. And because you are alive, you will be tapped into truths others may not want to hear. You see something that fires you up – an injustice, falsehood or hypocrisy – and you have to act. To keep quiet is to condone by silence.

If you want to be creative you must be a pain in the arse to people who should know better.

Of course, rebellion always happens in a context. Your rebellion will not look like mine because our lives and circumstances require different approaches. What is risky and crosses a line for one person, may be seen as nothing special to someone else.

Choose your battles carefully. Some things are not worth fighting for. Your rebellion must serve life.

True artists and art are often seen as dangerous because they have the capacity to wake people up, to remind them they’re alive and free. Make sure you’re not the one dozing.

What gets your goat? What have you done about it? Share your rebellious spirit below…  Next time: Looking

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2 thoughts on “Being Creative in a Mad World: Rebelling

  1. Indeed. Very well put. Yes, I agree, the most cruical acts of rebellion should be against the predominance of our own common sense. A valuable life lesson writ large through experience. Many thanks for your inspiration!


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