Being Creative in a Mad World: Looking

To be creative you must pay attention to the world around you. Creativity is born out of an interest in life and other people. Turn your gaze outward. Search out the telling detail, ready for the moment the mask drops and the truth is revealed.

People watching is a favourite inspiration, but sometimes depressing. You see individuals locked inside their own bubbles, insulated from life by mobiles and earphones, fleeing the inner void through social networks built from empty bytes. Our globalised information webs look interconnected, but how many of those connections are genuine?

Look with more care than this
Look with more care than this

The socially networked gaze isn’t interested in the world. It is solipsistic – narcissism substituted for love. Round and round we go with ever increasing fragmentation. No real growth. No real change. Just distraction and boredom.

True introversion reveals the world reflected inside. The outer and inner mirror each other.

To be creative means not turning away from reality, inner or outer.

Don’t be afraid to really look at the world – it can be a scary as well as a magnificent place. You must be able to stand what you see.

When creating, it’s not enough to simply hold up a mirror to reality – how will people know what you are trying to say if they’re not really looking in the first place?

Real vision comes from this willingness to hold reality in your gaze, no matter what is revealed, and seek out the shape of events before they unfold. In this way your creativity can reveal a way through the madness back to the heart of a life worth living.

What do you see when you look at the world? Share your vision below…  Next time: Learning

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