Being Creative in a Mad World: Affirming

Living creatively means being you. Who else are you going to be, if not yourself? Whose life are you going to live, if not your own?

Affirming means saying yes to being here and being alive. To be creative you must make manifest who you are through your creativity, and you do that by giving voice to your unique take on life.

What’s the point in writing something anybody could write? If you don’t tell your stories, who will?

Of course, first you must find your stories, your voice. You must know yourself. How is this done? By exploring, thinking for and against yourself, and by affirming through living. To know yourself you must push beyond your comfort zone and allow yourself to grow.

Be yourself
Be yourself

True individuals are often attacked for having the guts to be themselves. It’s ironic that a culture in awe to individualism finds it so hard to honour the real thing. The status quo prefers conformity: a pre-packaged selfhood that is safe and deadening.

Say no to the cowardice of conformity.

Say no to the fear of life and of difference.

When you affirm you stand alone and let the crowd rush ahead into its own confusion. And when they’ve had enough of distraction, and doing what they’re told leaves them empty, they turn to those among them who are still alive on the inside, those who had the balls to affirm, and they ask: what happened to my life?

Affirm or die.

Do you know who you are? Share your magnificence below…

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 Image: Dancer