You are the sky


“You are the sky. Everything else, it’s just the weather.”

This is my favourite quote from Pema Chodron. No matter what I’m going through, remembering this simple truth can clear my mind and bring me back to my centre faster than almost anything else. Even during the worst storms, the sky is clear behind the clouds…


On the Journey of Life Be Everywhere You Are

This is a beautiful passage from Divine Beauty: The Invisible Embrace by Irish poet John O’Donohue on the importance of taking the time to slow down and smell the roses. Life can’t be swallowed in one big gulp… you must sip and savour… “Often we approach things with greed and urgency. We do not like to… Continue reading On the Journey of Life Be Everywhere You Are


Does a Dog have Buddha Nature?

There’s a well-known Zen koan that begins with this question. Reams of words and scholastic papers have been written about Joshu’s Dog. The koan sounds like the start of a bad Buddhist joke: A monk asked Joshu, a Chinese Zen master: ‘Has a dog Buddha nature or not?’ Joshu answered: ‘Mu!’ ‘Mu’ means No-thing, but… Continue reading Does a Dog have Buddha Nature?