Another review for Addled: a great read which fizzes along

If you’re looking for an inspiring novel about spiritual awakening and Zen, then look no further: Addled is the book for you. But don’t take my word for it! A fresh review has just landed on Amazon from Reuben:

“Addled is an absolutely great read, a story written with a great sense of pace and wit which just fizzes along. Zoe Popper, the main character, is a fascinating creation. Her adventures in the esoteric world of Zen and other forms of spirituality are so cleverly told. I find l have come to understand quite a lot about mindfulness without realizing that was happening!

Zoe is a tough-minded, down to earth young woman struggling to make sense of the emotional turmoil that threatens to overwhelm her. Following her as she sets out to find an explanation to her problems and perhaps a solution, her relationship with her musician boyfriend and the truth behind a mysterious guru – is he for real or a figment of her troubled imagination? – all make for an un-put-down-able story. Buy it now. You will be hugely entertained and you might even learn something really interesting about how the human mind works.”

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If you enjoy the book, or even if you don’t, I’d love to hear from you. Happy reading 🙂

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Addled Review: Exciting new author

Another great review for Addled: Adventures of a Reluctant Mystic: an exciting new author:

“Funny yet tragic, inspiring yet disturbing, reminiscent of Kate Atkinson yet a unique style, this book will stay with you long after finishing it.” – Penny P.

Thank you Penny. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the comparison to Kate Atkinson – made my day! I love her books and have always aspired to emulate her style of dark humour.

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Adventures of a Reluctant Mystic

Addled: Adventures of a Reluctant Mystic is my forthcoming novel about a modern mystic called Zoe Popper. It follows the ups and downs of awakening, and explores the difficulties of the spiritual path in a post-modern world. Addled is a love story for our cynical times, and includes everything from music and cookery to cleaning,… Continue reading Adventures of a Reluctant Mystic

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