Jupiter Transits: 4th House

Jupiter 4thWhen Jupiter transits the Fourth House the desire for growth and expansion influences your home, family and roots. You may want to make improvements to your existing home, such as redecorating, making it more comfortable, or building an extension, for example. Or you might want to move to a new home, perhaps one that’s larger to give you more space to spread out and grow, but also just to improve your home life.

Any problems you’ve been having with your home or family could be cleared up now because Jupiter expands your perspective and allows you to see the bigger picture. You’ll feel generous towards your family, and they’ll provide more support and security for you if you need it now.

Land and houses are also symbols for a stable inner world, and that’s what this transit is really about. It’s a good time to put down roots and find a place where you belong and can grow your family. Having a secure foundation is essential when you want to expand your life beyond the home and out into the world. If you can achieve that now it will be a great support to you later should your circumstances change or become problematic in the future.

Whether you look for security within or externally through property and family relationships, Jupiter can help you to improve your sense of inner peace and stability. Your confidence levels will be improved and you’re more in touch with your inner self and true needs now. In order to improve your family and home life you may need to face some truths about yourself that you might not normally like to look at, but Jupiter smoothes the way and helps you to see opportunities to transform your situation for the better.

Possibilities with Jupiter transiting the 4th:
  • Moving to a new home
  • Redecorating
  • Inner stability and self-confidence
  • Family problems resolved
  • Increased understanding of your family roots
Watch out for:
  • Overspending on home improvements

This transit will probably happen when you have lots of other things going on in your life, so you won’t be able to just drop everything and focus on your family life. But if you do have a lot on your plate at this time, your personal life won’t distract you from what you’re trying to achieve. However, if you can, it’s a good idea to make time to turn inward and focus your energies on your personal life now because you can gain much from the process which will stand you in good stead in later years.


  • Relationships and Life Cycles – Stephen Arroyo
  • Planets in Transit – Robert Hand
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