Jupiter Transits: 11th House

Jupiter 11thWhen Jupiter transits the Eleventh House the desire for growth and expansion influences your long-term goals and how you relate to society at large. At this time you have a better sense of your role in life and what you can do to enhance the lives of others. You can see how to meet others’ needs or how you fit into the grand scheme of things on a personal level. Jupiter enhances your perception of your purpose and you’ll feel a greater need to connect with others so you can benefit them in some way.

You may benefit from your friends now, or become involved in more group activities. You’ll want to connect with many more people than usual, and you’re unlikely to get the full benefit of this transit if you go it alone or work with only one other person. You’ll learn the most and expand your horizons more by interacting with larger groups of people. Group dynamics can teach you a lot about yourself at this time, and your friends will be more supportive.

Your ideals will be more expansive now and you’ll want to improve the world around you in some way. You might limit this to your local area or spread your influence further afield and get involved in social reform movements or other types of activism.

If you keep your perspective narrow, you might just work to improve your own personal situation, and you’ll probably succeed. But this is a time to work with others. If the improvements you make to your life don’t affect others in some way, the changes probably won’t last very long and won’t feel as meaningful to you in the long-run. By working with others you can accomplish more now than you could at other times working alone. Through others, your influence can spread around the world.

Possibilities with Jupiter transiting the 11th:
  • Support from friends
  • Making new friends from around the world
  • Expanding your networks
  • Joining a group or club
  • Working for social reform
  • Increased income from your career
  • Visions of the future
Watch out for:
  • Keeping improvements to yourself
  • Not sharing the love

You’ll have more visions or intuitions about your hopes, ideals and wishes for the future during this transit. Jupiter expands your long-term goals, and if you connect your goals to what others’ need, you’re likely to get more out of this time. Whatever you put out into the world will come back magnified.


  • Relationships and Life Cycles – Stephen Arroyo
  • Planets in Transit – Robert Hand
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