Writer’s Manifesto: T is for Time

Manifesto T

Time is your most valuable resource – even more so than pens!

Make a schedule and stick to it.

>Writer’s Manifesto (pdf)

9 thoughts on “Writer’s Manifesto: T is for Time

  1. Jessica – Re that pic. No good. It’s a square and I need an oblong. Thanks for the suggestion though. .


      1. It was just a thought. I haven’t been able to nail it. Your medieval woodcut would have done very well, but I missed the boat…


        1. Well, I felt you’d established a prior claim and made good use of it. But if you’re okay with my using it then perhaps that would work. Many thanks, I’ll give it a try.

          It’s a long shot, but I have a hunch you might remember a recording studio in Huddersfield from your days in the biz. Would I be right?

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        2. No, I’ve never been to Huddersfield. I’m in Newcastle, so I’ve spent time at Impulse Studios where Lindisfarne, Sting and The Animals recorded, and at SAMS Studio where The Lighthouse Family and Kenickie recorded. I recorded a couple of demos with Cheryl Cole when she was still Tweedy and only about 14 years old. My claim to fame! 😉


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